Katie Summers Speaks Her Mind and Her Fight for Condoms

Katie Summers posts on www.pornnewstoday.com – Hello Creatures,

The past week has been hectic for the porn industry. As most know a female performer was confirmed HIV+ and it has been non stop drama and silly little twitter battles. I even went on a huge rant, two actually. Anyways, I want to properly state my opinions, views, and ideas in this blog and not in 140 characters on twitter.

First off I want to remind everyone that I am the girl who is suing John Stagliano for not disclosing he has HIV. We didn’t have sex in the Buttman’s Stretch Class scene but there was interactions, for example, ass spreading.

When the lawsuit was put out on record, broadcasted every where, I received so much grief, hate, betrayal, and was shunned by the industry. I had people comment “she should of known.”, but how is 19 year old girl who only was in the business for 2 weeks and was out in Florida supposed to know?

My agent at the time never told me, and when I went to lunch with John and my agent, there was no diclosure that day. I didn’t know he had HIV till last year when Rob Black told me (and later I was the first female performer to take legal action).

When it was all out in the open, Stagliano told the public that if he were to test it would come up negative – so basically, he can cheat the testing system if he really wants to because of all the medicine he is given. To me that sounds very scary and sketchy.

Last year, Mr. Marcus came up positive with Syphilis, another one of those scary STDs that can kill you if not taken care of properly. Instead Mr. Marcus coming forward he still worked, and at the time he did a couple of orgies and the one that stuck out the most was the boy/girl scene he did where his penis looked like a Dalmatian.

He was sent to jail this year and he met a guy who decided to join the business. Then about 2-3 weeks ago the guy (who is named Clover) had a false-positive test of Syphilis. Kinda weird that the veteran that put this industry in danger last year hangs out with a kid he met in jail and all of sudden that person possibly has Syphilis as well.

Right after that, Lisa Ann had twitter posts about someone in the business having Hepatitis C. Without naming names she did say it was the first male performer listed on LA Direct Models site (Alex Gonz another 8-9 year veteran who was faking tests by going to an outside testing center and not testing for Hepatitis C).

There has been no word from Gonz since then, and as far as we know, he is gone.

This now brings us to the biggest story of the industry and what I’m trying to point out: This past Wednesday, an “unconfirmed” HIV+ test was released and on Thursday it was confirmed that the female performer was indeed HIV+.

Everybody went nuts, bloggers, news sites, performers, companies, you name it, we were all going crazy. Were did she contact it from? Who knows really, she hadn’t shot a scene since July 31st and according to her she only was having sex with one person. We are waiting for that particular person’s results to come back, but the male performer she worked with has come back negative.

The boyfriend of the pornstar who tested HIV + is a well known gay performer, who states he has been negative for the past 8 years of his career. People in the industry want to point out that he is a crossover, but as far as I’m concerned, 50% of the male talent pool is crossover, and as a whole we accept it.

Looking back the last scene the HIV + pornstar performed in was for BDSM site, Kink.com (who majority of us female performers have, are, and most likely will be shooting for). Point all the fingers you want, but just like Rob Black and everyone else have said…THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!

Just like all the other past outbreaks, HIV could happen to any of us. It is in our industry, it is out there, we can’t hide from it, but, we can prevent it. We call ourselves a family, but families protect each other, families stand up for each other, families, fight for each other – so why, if we call ourselves a family, do we turn our back on people who come out and say “Yes I am HIV+.”?

Why are people throwing this HIV + girl under the bus? Why isn’t John Stagliano helping or reaching out to this girl? She is part of this “family” she is part of this industry. She didn’t ask for this, I don’t think anyone would ask for this. I hate to sound like such a preacher but I want to see everyone who cries about us being a family and needing to have each others back step up and do it.

I now have to lead into my love and fight for condoms in porn. It’s funny, I went from being a girl that would do it all, to the girl telling everyone to put a condom on and still get monthly testing. Rob Black has been talking about his union UAWA (United Adult Workers in America) and its brilliant! He wants to protect us and help performers stay healthy and safe. Why wouldn’t we want that? Why would talent want to keep risking their health and lives just by a test that is good every 15-30 days. Anything can happen in that time frame and we don’t know it till its too late. Having the extra protection is what we need.

Condoms are NOT bad! For those that say they are allergic, well, they have condoms for any and all types of people. I can go through a list of the different kinds of condoms they have but that would be boring. Condoms are our friend!

People say we are safer than those outside of the business. I would like to disagree. Just because we test every month doesn’t make us safer than anyone else. I never had any kind of STD until I got into the business, and I had to deal with it the tough way. My test was still new, and I was having horrific cramps and a week later the hospital informed me I had clap.

I should of left the business then but I didn’t. Why is it that if we get something the doctor just goes, “here is a shot, here are some pills, don’t have sex for a week, re test, and your good.” I had this conversation before, and even if we don’t have something but we work with someone that could be or is dirty, the agent or talent just says “go get a shot, go get some pills, you might be dirty but it isn’t 100%, but its just in case.”

We shouldn’t have to be put into a situation where we could “possibly” have been infected. We need to be in positions we KNOW we won’t be infected. Condoms help prevent those situations from happening. No one wouldn’t have to worry about catching Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes, Syphilis, Hepatitis, HIV, and any and all other diseases.

I have once loved this business but now all I see it as is a dark, sad, lost industry that we need to pull back together and make it a safer and loving place again. Let’s be a family like we proclaim to be, let’s stand hand and hand with one another, and protect each other.


PS- If Stagliano can cheat a test, what else is hiding inside this business?


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