Katja Kassin Interviewed

Porn Valley- Katja Kassin, www.clubkatja.com is interviewed on www.communityx.net. Kassin, 27, moved to LA and has done more than 400 movies since starting in the business about four years ago.

“I think I’m getting along pretty well [in LA],” she says. “I live in a two bedroom apartment, drive a nice car. I learned the language and I got over all the other little obstacles that come to you when you move across the world.”

“I guess I’m most famous for my behind and my anal scenes,” she goes on to say. Kassin grew up in Leipzig, Germany in the state of Saxonia. [Germany has a federal structure with sixteen states.]

Kassin’s the oldest of three children. She has a brother and sister, and her family still lives in Leipzig where Kassin attended school and college. At the age of 18, Kassin left home and started with nude modeling to make extra money and pay her bills.

She had a normal childhood and best remembers times spent at her grandparents each summer where she spent time with her brother chasing butterflies and climbing trees.

“My sister was born when I was six, so most of my earlier childhood memories are with my brother,” Kassin says. Though she didn’t have her first boyfriend until 16, Kasson remembers having a crush on a boy when she was 14.

“But nothing ever happened, other than me starring at him from a distance,” she says. “I was too shy.” Kasson also recalls an instance in second grade where she crushed a boy’s nose claiming that he deserved it because he was always pushing her around.

“He was a few years older and way bigger than me,” she explains. “I wanted my mom to complain at the principal’s, but she just told me that I was old enough to take care of my own problems. That’s when I just got into a fight with that guy next time he mobbed me. I got a letter from my teacher, and my mom just congratulated me on my success.”

From that moment Kassin realized that you have to stand up for yourself and not let anyone take advantage of you.Kassin also went to college for Political Science and German language and literature and got a 2 year degree for both majors.

“I didn’t really like the folks I went to class with,” she states. “They were all politically confused and I didn’t really fit in. When they found out about me doing nude photo shoots, and porn movies I even became more of an outcast.”

But Kassin also liked the fact that she could shock the students and professors though she realized she might have to take another career path. While nude modeling in Europe, she made contact with Dru Berrymore.

“She told me I should try to start shooting movies in L.A.,” Kassin recalls. “Until that day I had never been in a porn movie, so I was a little concerned if it was even for me. For a porno scene in Germany I would have gotten paid about half of what I was making for a nude shoot so I never really pursued it. But Dru told me that the adult industry is really big in America, and she would introduce me to the right people. So that’s when I bought a plane ticket and flew to L.A. in March 2003.”

Kassin concedes that porn is a tough job.

“It’s hard to make it in a profession where you are the product,” she states. Many different people, distribution companies, agents, directors, photographers etc., tell you how you have to be in order to sell you as a product. Sometimes you are too short, too fat, to skinny, to flat chested, not pretty enough and so on. It takes a strong person to understand that this is not personal but business. It can get to you.

“Other than that porn is competitive and some people do crazy things,” she continues. “When I see eighteen year old girls drinking their own piss or letting somebody beat them unconscious in a scene just to stand out it makes me sick to my stomach.”

Asked about her famous ass, Kassin said you could attribute it to the local mountain spring water, but the fact is it was there as long as she can remember.

“When I was young I hated it,” she admits. “I always wanted to be like Kate Moss. Everybody at school teased me for my butt. They called me fat ass and still to this date I don’t understand what the big deal is. People sometimes act like I consist of nothing but ass and that bothers the hell out of me.”

Kassin goes on to say that she adopted the name Katja because the photographer on her first nude shoot suggested that name, after his niece.

According to Kassin, interracial has never been a problem with her.

“I never excluded or preferred any male or female performer because of their looks or ethnicity,” she comments. That being said, Kassin doesn’t find interracial being a big deal.

“I respect everybody’s decisions because I don’t want anybody to tell me how to do things,” she says. “And in no way would I ever suggest one should do anything they wouldn’t stand up for. But if an actress won’t work with another performer because of their race, she has racial issues in my eyes. I don’t look at myself as the weirdo because I do IR movies, everybody else who doesn’t obviously has a problem.”

For her part, Kassin keeps in shape by working out four or five times a week. She has a personal trainer and maintains a low carb diet. Kassin loves meat especially sushi, chicken, and tuna but also enjoys lots tofu, fat free cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables.

“Most of the time I’m naked so there’s nothing you can hide or disguise,” she reasons. “I want to look good mainly for myself. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a good time in my scenes…porn is my job, it pays my bills, so I have to do what keeps me in business.” Kassin mentions that after she lost 20 pounds she felt much more comfortable with her body.

On the subject of anal sex, Kassin sees it as something special which takes skills.

“You have to get used to it, and learn how to do it,” she says. “I always liked to perform anal scenes just because I’m good at it.”

“Do you think your wide backyard has improved your popularity with anal aficionados?” she’s asked.

“I’m sure but I’m really sick of questions like that,” Kassin replies. “I mean its obvious. When I started I was young and cute and had a big round butt. I did anal with enthusiasm and I didn’t back out of working with big dicks or African-American performers. That got me a lot of attention, a lot of work and a lot of money. It kind of stuck to me, but I think there are many things why people in the industry love to work with me.”

In Kassin’s opinion, the European market is even more competitive than the American one.

“It was amazing for me to see how much attention they pay to what award this actress won or how much press somebody gets,” she says.

Earlier this year Kassin and Katsumi produced a movie together, but Kassin doesn’t know what’s going to happen with the project.

“Right now even big companies that are around forever have trouble selling enough copies and I just don’t see how I would outdo them,” she states realistically. Instead of running a production company, Kassin said she’ll stick with performing and doing what she does best.

“I let the big distributors do their work and I do mine.”

Kassin also says she’s not one for sexual aggression and doesn’t want to go home with bruises.

“For me its all about the basics: good old fashioned horny, steamy sex, nice blow job, horny fucking, some anal and facials,” she says. Some of her favorite performers to work with are Jada Fire, Courtney Cummz, and Sandra Romain.

Kassin currently has a boyfriend and is happy with the fact that he’s understanding about her job. Asked if she had plans on becoming a mother, Kasson said for now she doesn’t feel like it and doesn’t sound too excited about the future prospect.

“What would a man have to say to you to make your heart flutter?” she’s asked

“Lets go sky diving together,” she answers.

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