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Porn Valley- Katja Kassin was on KSEX Wednesday night as guest of The Porn Honies. Kimberly Kane was conducting the show solo announcing that Maria Menendez was training as a cage fighter. Kane then announced Kassin as the queen of anal. And because Kassin was on the program, Kane said most of the format would be devoted to reviewing Kassin movies. Likewise, Kassin said there was an interesting story to how she and Kane met which was something like three years ago.

“I was in porn when Kimberly arrived and she just started,” said Kassin. “She was like, oh my God, oh my God, I know your ass!” Then it turned out that both she and Kane would share a room at casa Spiegler.

“We did all kinds of crazy stuff- we’d hang out every day and drive around.” Kane said Kassin would come home from doing 5 on 1 crazy scenes and that she would be so turned on knowing where Katja had been.

“And she never gave it up.” Later, Kane and Kassin shot a scene together along with Taylor Hayes for Devinn Lane. Kassin said they gave it to Hayes with two strap-ons.

“She just had to shut up and take it.” Kassin said it was also cool because other girls in the movie hung out to watch the scene.

“Katja will fuck you dead,” laughed Kane. “She’ll kill you. I had a strap-on and Katja was bouncing on me. I was trying so hard to keep up with her.” Calling Kassin a powerhouse, Kane said she discovered bruises on her legs the next day because Kassin was pounding her so hard. Kasson said had a spot on My Space under her name as well as a website, www.clubkatja.com. Kassin also mentioned that she posts a lot on ADT and enjoys maintaining contact with her fans. Kassin said it was, likewise, awesome for her to be on the show and hang out.

“It’s a good thing for people to listen to us so they can actually get to know us and get an idea of what type of personality you have,” said Kassin.

Without naming names, Kane said some girls come on and bomb because they have no personality. “Shut up and take off your shirt.” Kane mentioned a couple of girls who were on the show a few weeks ago.

“We were reviewing one of the biggest movies to come out of the year and they’re like I haven’t seen it.”

According to Kane, Kassin had also brought along her line of pussy soap and that it was the best novelty in the whole world. During a review of an Aurora Snow movie for Sin City’s Mayhem line, Kane reported that Snow was back doing scenes for other companies and working with guys. In the Assploitation movie Snow directed, Kassin does a double anal and one of the guys was Dirty Harry. Kassin said it’s hot to see a hot girl fuck some old man.

Roger T. Pipe called and talked about a movie Kassin was in called Drill My Ass POV Style 2. Kassin said she took Chris Charming’s fat cock in her ass for that one. In the movie Pipe said all the girls are supposed to be fantasizing about Charming.

“Who’s a nice guy but isn’t exactly the best-looking porn guy in the world,” Pipe added. Kassin said she mentioned to Charming that he should get over the fantasy-guy idea and play a weird German tourist who asks for directions and gets laid all the time. Nonetheless Pipe described the scene as a clash of the titans with Kassin’s big perfect German ass and Charming’s big German cock. Asked if she ever worked with Rocco, Kassin said she hadn’t.

“But he’s a very nice guy,” Kassin said. “A very quiet gentleman.” Kane said that would be a great scene because Kassin generally dominates and kills guys.

“I’d like to see Rocco kill her,” Kane said. But because Rocco is somewhat older now, it was conceded that it might be the other way around.

During the second half of the show, most of which was devoted to ADD, Kane and Kassin compared asses with Kane noting dryly that hers looks like a 10 year-old boy’s. Because of that Kane said directors are after her acting skills. Kane then talked about the time she worked with a guy whose dick was uncircumcised.

“I pulled the skin back and there was cheese.” Kassin asked her what she did next.

“I sucked it,” said Kane. For her part, Kasson said she did a scene where one of the girls didn’t have to take her panties off and you already knew something was wrong.

“That fishy smell was in the room,” said Kassin. “Then we ended up starting the scene. If you watch a scene with five girls and one exercises and masturbates and doesn’t do shit, you know something’s wrong.” Kane talked about another movie Kassin’s in Sweet Cheeks 5. Kane said it was a classic simply for the reason that Melissa Lauren is right off the boat.

“She looks like she’s not angry,” laughed Kane. “This is when people started discovering Katja to be the most amazing performer of all time.”

Chico Wang directed the movie and Kassin with a laugh advised bringing Chico in the studio. Kane said she wouldn’t be in his movies but would hang out with him.

“He is everything and nothing,” Kane added. Kassin said Chico was cool and she loved him. Kane said what she particularly likes about Anabolic/Diabolic scenes is that they don’t waste any time and get right down to it.

Kane also mentioned that it was Kassin who taught her how to do anal.

“It took me six months to practice and do toys and stuff,” said Kane. “Now I do girl-girl anal, whatever. But I fuck up the ass at home like every good wife should.”

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