Katja Kassin Speaks Six Languages

The following story also tells about some spoiled diva who resented having to go to AVN Award Show rehearsals. Hmm, wonder who that was?

Las Vegas- Posted on The Movable Buffet blog: Mark Spiegler’s business card says “Patron of the Tarts.” I found Spiegler in the Grand Lux cafe at the Venetian surrounded by his charges.

One I had met before: Katja Kassin. Two years ago I had opened Spiegler’s suite door to let her into the room, and she was shocked that I was not Mark. She demanded in a thick German accent where Spiegler was at. With my nervous stutter (I had a prude moment where I didn’t want to tell this beautiful stranger that Spiegler was on the potty) I seemed to enrage her. And, after Spiegler cleared things up I avoided her for the rest of the convention. But this time I was able to speak to Katja in a more relaxed format and she really defies a lot of porno stereotypes particularly in the brains department. Katja speaks six languages with relative fluidity, among them obviously German and English but also Russian. Anyway, it is rare to sit with a porn star and speak of the special challenges presented by reading Goethe in the original.

Most of the girls Spiegler represents are working for some company (presenting at the AVN awards, or signing autographs at a booth for fans) and therefore have their hotels paid for by that company. Mandy Starr, 22, [pictured] however, is relatively new to the business. She therefore has paid her own way from her home in Minneapolis and Spiegler is letting her stay in the extra bed in his suite at the Venetian. Starr is hoping to meet producers and to line up work for a planned move from Minnesota to LA later in the year.

“I met this one girl represented by Mark and she was freaking out because she had to go to a meeting and I would have killed to go to that meeting. She is really successful and has everything being paid for by a really good company and she is just like ‘I don’t need to go to a meeting or rehearse for 3 hours to present an AVN award.’ I just hope for that kind of success one day and it is so weird to see someone so ungrateful for it. When I see other girls freaking out I just don’t get it.

Do they wish they worked at a crappier company that won’t pay them to stay in a $1,300 suite? I haven’t had a bad experience in the business yet. Everyone is really nice. ” Ah the words of youth.

In the elevator up to Mark’s room Mandy met another young lady who does movies and the two bonded by having a little grope and kiss in the elevator followed by the wonderful porn question: “Do you have a current test?”

Mandy said to me, “I just can’t help wherever there is sexual energy I am drawn to it.” Remarkably, she did not seem at all drawn to me.

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