Kayden Kross on Howard Stern for AVN Awards Contest

from www.marksfriggin.com – Howard came back and had Paul Fishbein and Kayden Kross come in. Paul is from Adult Video News and Kayden is a porn actress. Robin said she looks like someone famous. Howard said she looks like Kayden and she’s hot. Howard said he was on her web site and she looks really good. Howard said she doesn’t even need to do porn. Kayden said she enjoys it.

Howard asked what kind of money she has been offered to have sex with a guy. She said that she doesn’t let it get that far. She said that she’ll just delete the email if they ask her something like that.

Howard said that Paul is in the porn business and he rates movies and stuff. Paul said they do a lot more than that. Paul is also married with kids. Howard said he lives a double life.

Howard said that years ago a woman wanted to make love to Jenna Jameson and they wanted him to watch. Paul said that wife number 3 doesn’t care about what happened before her. He said that everything is fair game now so he guesses a book is coming.

Paul said that about 12 years ago Kiley Ireland was friends with Jenna and said to him that she wanted to fuck Jenna and she wanted him to watch. Paul said ”Uh, okay…” and they went up to the room to do this. They were looking for Julie Ashton to go up there too. Paul said he went up to the room and the girls were doing their thing. He said it was candle lit in the room and he kind of knew the girls. He said he saw Kiley looking over at him while he was fully dressed and not doing anything. Paul said he was a geek and had no idea what to do. Kiley called him over to her but he was frozen with fear. Paul said she had to ask him what was wrong with him. Paul said that he didn’t feel welcome. Jenna later thanked him for watching because that was hot.

Howard said he’d imagine it would be kind of intimidating. Paul said that he’s not afraid of the penis size or anything but he thought he might be compromising his integrity by doing something. Paul said that the girls he knows in the business are very cool and keep their mouths shut.

Paul said that Kiley didn’t know what was wrong with him. He said he hasn’t spoken to Jenna lately. He said she was mad at him for something he posted about her twins being born. Paul said Jenna instant messaged him one day out of nowhere and she was giggling and was okay with the story.

He said he likes Jenna but he has problems with her new image that she created the world. Paul said that Jenna came into the business and she was just another girl. He said Wicked pictures picked her up and made her a star. She thinks that it was her man Jay who made her the start and not the people at Wicked. Paul said Jenna takes a lot of the credit for how big she became when it was actually Wicked and her ex-husband Jay. Paul said she was the nicest and sweetest person when she was with Jay back then.

Howard asked Kayden if she wants to be like Jenna. Kayden said of course she does. Howard asked who is the biggest person in porn right now. She said that there are a couple. Paul said he thinks that Kayden can be like Jenna. He said that she’s one of the top girls in the business and she can make money doing it and she can get up to the top like Jenna did.

Howard read that Kayden was a waitress before this. She said she was 17 back then. She said that she’s doing about 8-10 videos a year now and that’s 2 or 3 scenes per video. Kayden said that she loves the business. She said she has orgasms every time too. Howard said maybe Robin would enjoy it. Robin wasn’t interested. Paul said Robin looks younger every year. Howard said he gets older and Robin gets younger.

Howard asked Kayden if this was her dream to be a porn star. She said she never even knew about it because she grew up in a very religious family. Howard said that religion sure seems to push a lot of people into porn.

Howard asked Kayden if she does anal. Kayden said that she doesn’t do anal right now but she has done it in the past. She said that there’s such a ritual about doing it and it scared her. She said she thought she could just do anal sex. Howard said that you don’t want to do anal and have a guy pull out a plumb.

Howard said they were going to do this contest today and the virgins are going to be playing for the chance to win a trip to the AVN awards out in Las Vegas. Howard said they’re going to try to find the saddest virgin in this contest.

Howard said he has a sad story himself and he could compete with these guys. Howard said the winner is going to get airfare to Las Vegas and a few nights in a hotel. He said they get to go to the AVN Awards and to an after party.

Howard had the guys bring in the first contestant in his wheelchair. The other two guys came in with him. Howard said that they were doing the World’s Saddest Virgin Contest with them and they had Kayden Kross there with Paul to judge the contest. Howard said that only one guy can win.

Howard said they had Alex, Richard and Peter there to compete. Howard asked if they have 3 hotel rooms for these guys. Paul didn’t get a chance to answer. Howard asked the guys if they had seen Kayden before. Two of the guys said they had seen her movies.

Howard spoke to Peter first. He had a girlfriend at one time. He’s Chinese and he has an odd way of speaking. He has a speech impediment of some sort. Howard told him to speak English and he said he was. Howard said Peter had a girlfriend a few years ago. He never lost his virginity to her though. He said that they kissed but he was never able to feel her breasts. He only got kisses. Peter said he never got anything else. He said he’s 24 now and he’s still a virgin.

Howard asked Peter if he ever asked to have sex. Peter said he did but she always said no. He said that she wasn’t Chinese, she was a white American woman. Howard found out that she was cheating on him. He said he makes good money so she may have been interested in him for that. Peter said he has a job at Lowes home improvement store and he makes $12 an hour.

Howard said that Peter claims that he knows Karate and he was trained by Bruce Lee. Peter said he was trained by his son, not by Bruce. Howard tired to understand what he was talking about but his speech impediment was making it tough. Howard asked if it was Brandon Lee who taught him. Peter said he learned by watching his movies. Howard asked him to show some moves. Peter did some of his Karate moves for them and tried to explain what they were. He was very hard to understand. Howard said he’s pretty sure he could kick Peter’s ass.

Howard asked Peter if he’s a little slow. Peter said he is. Howard said that’ no big deal because there are some slow people that work there. He found out that Peter still lives with his parents.

Peter has never even seen a girl’s boob before. Howard asked Kayden to show him her’s. She got up and showed him. Howard said those things were beautiful. He said that her nipples were hard and they looked perfect. Howard

Howard asked Kayden how tall she was and how much she weighs. She said she’s 5’5” tall and weighs 120. Howard said that’s what every woman who is 5’5” should weigh. Howard asked Peter if his head would explode if he had sex with her. He said it would.

Howard and Robin asked Peter what he does at work and found out he loads and unloads stuff. Howard asked Peter if he knows how to perform sex. Pete said he does so Howard asked him to give some details. Peter tried to explain it but he was just saying penis and vagina. Howard said he seems like a nice young guy and he hopes he can win.

Howard moved on to Alex who is in a wheelchair. Howard said that he’s in one of those power chairs. Alex said he has cerebral palsy. He said it’s just physical and he has full intelligence. Howard said that he used to work at a CP center when he was in high school. Howard said he ran out of there within 5 minutes. Howard said he tried to play music for a guy and the guy rocked himself right out of the chair he was in.

Alex said that he’s never been able to kiss a girl. He said that he’s not into CP chicks either. Howard said that just because you have CP doesn’t mean you have to be with another CP person. Howard asked if he had use of his legs. Alex said that they’re pretty useless. He said his penis is fine though. Howard asked if he can masturbate. He said he can do that once in a while. Howard said that’s a nightmare.

Alex said that he can’t even put a DVD in to the player to watch porn himself. Howard asked Kayden to show him her vagina since he had never seen one before. She did that for him and Alex thanked her. Howard told her she’s a saint. Howard asked Alex if he had ever seen a vagina at all. He said he had seen pictures but not one in person. Howard said that Kayden’s was very pretty too. He said it was one of the nicest looking ones he’s ever seen.

Howard read that Alex lives up in Canada and he’s writing a book. Alex said he’s writing about all of the stuff he’s been through. Howard said the worst part is that he wants to masturbate but he can’t. Howard told Richie Wilson to give him a hand job. Alex said he’s not that desperate.

Howard and Robin asked Alex if he can use a computer to watch porn. Howard said the guy can’t even use his arms. He said they’re pointed in so he can’t use them. Howard said that no one can understand what Alex is saying either. He said the poor guy must have a lot of load built up in him. He asked if he ever has a wet dream. Alex said he does. Howard said that’s good.

Howard asked Peter if he jerks off a lot. Peter said he doesn’t do that. He didn’t seem to know what it meant though. Howard asked if he knew what it was. Peter didn’t have an answer. Howard said he knew he didn’t know. Peter said he did know but he wouldn’t say what it was.

Howard moved on to Richard who has been on the show before. He has moles all over his body. Howard asked if that turned Kayden off. She just giggled. Howard said that Artie brought Richard out to Vegas and tried to get him laid but they couldn’t even make it happen with a hooker. Richard said Artie went to some high class chicks first and that didn’t work. He went to the street hookers and even they wouldn’t do it.

Howard said he didn’t think Richard looked that bad. Kayden asked if the moles are all over. Richard showed what his body looked like and it was covered in moles. Howard asked if he’s ever kissed a girl. Richard said he’s had nothing. He hasn’t even been able to kiss a girl. Howard said that Peter is looking pretty good at this point. He had a girl who kissed him.

Howard said Richard has hair covering his body as well as the moles. The moles grew hair. Howard said Richard wants to get laid and he’d love to go to the AVN awards. Howard said that they have to understand Richard’s affliction. He asked if they’re dangerous. Richard said they are not dangerous. He said that some women may be curious about what he has and they’re just moles. Howard read that he asks girls out but they all reject him. He only has friends.

Howard said that one girl turned Richard down saying she had to stay home to wash her hair. Richard said that she was bald too.

Richard said that he’s ready to bang. Howard had Kayden show the guys her ass since they were just seeing some of this stuff for the first time. She showed her ass and then showed her vagina again. The guys were all loving it. Richard said he just came in his pants. Howard said that most porn stars don’t look this good. Howard asked if she has a boyfriend. She said she’s just doing porn right now.

Howard said that Richard has a job as a security guard. He also goes to school. Howard said that the moles aren’t still growing either.

Howard said that he’s having a tough time picking a winner. He went over the guy’s stories again and said he was having a tough time with this. He asked the guys why they wanted to go to the AVN Awards and things like that. They went through the three guys once again and did their final questioning.

Howard told everyone that it was time to vote. He said he loved all three of the guys. Howard said he wouldn’t be able to spend a lot of time with them but he did enjoy speaking to them today. Howard said it’s going to be very difficult to pick a winner.

Howard found out that Kayden is going to be doing a Tiger Woods spoof soon. She said that they’re writing the script as all of this stuff is going on. Howard asked if she has done Tiger in real life. She said she hasn’t. Howard said she might be the only one.

Howard played some of Kayden’s porn movie that he played earlier in the morning. Howard said that she’s very loud when she’s having sex. She said that she has been told that she sounds like she’s being killed.

Howard said that it was time to get to the voting. He got in some plugs for the AVN awards and the expo. You can find out more at: AdultEntertinamentExpo.com and AVNAwards.com

Howard asked Robin what her vote was going to be. Robin said that they were all great but she has to go with Alex. Howard asked Paul how he was going to vote. Paul said that Peter and Richard didn’t look so bad. He said that they should be able to get girls. He said he’s feeling for Alex too so he’s giving him his vote. Howard said that Peter doesn’t think he can get girls like Paul thinks.

Howard asked Kayden who she would have sex with. Kayden said that she would probably go with Richard. Howard said that was just who she would have sex with. Howard then asked her who she would vote for. Kayden said that she thinks that she has to vote for Alex. She said that Peter is watching porn even if he’s not jerking off to it. She said Richard has been to Vegas before too.

Howard said that he and Fred had votes but it sounds like Alex has already won. Fred said he thinks that Richard has to go to a fetish hooker dressed as a Ninja and he’ll get laid. Howard said he would like to give them all a trip out there but Alex was the winner. Howard said he’s going to give the other guys $500 cash thanks to the Trojan Vibrating Mini. Howard told Alex about his trip and gave some more plugs for the web sites he mentioned earlier.

Howard gave some plugs to Steven Singer Jewelers too because they flew everyone in. Howard said you can find out more about Kayden at AdamandEve.com.

Will said that he wanted to see a Sybian ride. Howard asked the guys if they wanted to ride it. They didn’t want to do that but Kayden was willing to take it for a ride. The guys all wanted to see that. Howard had the guys set it up and sent Kayden over there to take it for a ride.

Paul said that Kayden is a great girl and he picked the right one to come there today. Howard asked if they could have Alex control the Sybian with his mouth. Gary didn’t want to do that.

Kayden said that she has ridden the Sybian before and it was so intense that she didn’t have sex for 3 days after. Howard had Kayden get on the Sybian and had Gary in charge of the controls. Gary started her out with a low setting and she was already getting off. She was moaning and screaming within seconds. Gary hadn’t even turned up the power that much. She was finished within 30 seconds or less. Howard said she was shaking after that.

Howard asked Peter what he thought. Peter said that was ”super.” Richard said that she had a nice ass. Alex said it was unbelievable. Howard said these guys are going to beat off to this for the next 10 years.

Howard told Peter that she was now pregnant. Peter said he didn’t think so. Robin said he’s not that slow. Howard said that Kayden looked great and she should win Best Performance of the Year. Howard told Paul to fix it so she wins. They had to go to break a short time later.

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