Kayla-Jane Danger Is Spokes Model & Participant in GoldRush Rally

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Las Vegas, CA- The goldRush Rally is even sexier this year—not only is Kayla-Jane Danger is the official spokes model, but she’s also a participant and will be taking to the wheel in her newly tricked out Mercedes C250.

The premiere automotive lifestyle rally starts in San Francisco on June 8th and ends in Chicago on June 15th with stops in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Memphis and St. Louis. After many months of work, Kayla’s ride is finally completed and ready to rumble—it was modified with a Mischa Wide Body Kit and proudly features the first set of Mischa Wheels with all the painstaking work of assembling, molding and painting done by RDB Los Angeles.

Kayla is ready to be head of the pack and will be looking good while doing it on goldRush Rally 5. Keep up with all the rally adventures and what dates they will be might be driving through your town, by going to www.goldrushrally.com/.

“I’ve been ramping up for the rally for almost a year and can’t wait to be part of the pack in my newly pimped out ride—I picked it up in L.A. last week and got to push it to its limits on my drive back to Vegas,” says Kayla-Jane Danger.

“I’ve been a passenger on multiple rallies, but doing the driving myself will be adventurous and exciting. I can’t wait to see what extreme events the rally comes up with this year for the drivers and fans!”

When she’s not getting ready for the ride of her life, Kayla has been reveling in phenomenal sales and rave reviews from her eBook, Pleasure or Pain, based on Zalman King’s film. Written under her pen name Kayla Jane, the eBook is for sale exclusively through Kindle via Amazon. In January, the movie starring Kayla-Jane as Isabel will premiere exclusively on Cinemax.

The Kindle edition of Pleasure or Pain is available on Amazon and can be purchased at www.amazon.com/dp/B00C9OVLR6/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_ask_wLcOF.1CJSDQ6.

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