Kaylynn To Be Placed on Flake List

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA – “We spoke at 3:00pm,” Wankus claimed, “she said she needed directions. I gave them to her by phone and by e-mail and we finished the conversation confirming her appearance for 7:00pm last night on KSEX.”
Wankus was referring to adult star, Kaylynn, who knows the penalty for “Flaking” on KSEX. Wankus, Rebecca Love and fans anxiously awaited Kaylynn’s arrival but to no avail. No phone call, no e-mail, no follow up call hours later, nuttin’.

As a result of such irresponsible behavior, Kaylynn will be placed on the famed KSEXradio.com Porn Star Flake List until such time that she makes another appointment to do Wankus’ show and fulfills her obligation.

Wankus closed, “I know she’s going though a lot of relationship issues and shit, but if a problem arose, she still could’ve let us know.”



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