Kelly Robinson @KellyRo1978 COME ON DOWN!

One of the last of the dwindling Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers followers is Kelly Robinson or @KellyRo1978, an obese black loser who has all of 36 followers to show for his half decade on Twitter.


Foster likes to portray herself as popular, young, appealing and good looking when in reality she is none of those things. She tweets out photos of young, lean white men (Mostly homosexuals) with flirtatious comments as if those queers would give her the time of day. Mr. Robinson here is the reality of the situation, folks. That’s what she can get and that’s who supports her. Guys like this clown, whose got a head like a genetically modified watermelon are the only ones going private with her on web cam and the only ones that support her racist rhetoric. The homosexual white boys aren’t interested and neither are any respectable straight white men. The truth of the matter is that Foster is an embarrassment that people do not want to be associated with for fear of backlash.


One of the most staunch Foster supporters in recent times was Barry Nelson or @NYCFUNK on Twitter. Barry would go to war for his girl with hateful racist rants to the point that he earned himself a handsome Porn Wiki Leaks Wiki. Barry had arrived. Now Barry has jumped ship or at least gone into hiding as he has been private on Twitter for some time. He is no longer willing to support Foster publicly for fear of retaliation. Like many former Foster supporters, Barry must have realized that this battle cannot be won and that Foster is willing to go down to rock bottom to get revenge on her enemies. Barry and others aren’t willing to go down with her.


Back to Kelly Robinson. Kelly is so delusional that he thought Monica Foster was winning the phone argument with Donny Long and Heather Deep

@KellyRo1978 @MonicaFoster at one point I was like, ” dude just hang up”

The phone call was uploaded to YouTube and shortly after it was taken down after Alexandra Mayers filed a claim with the site. If she was winning anything, why get it taken down? Perhaps Kelly would like to get in on the fun and spar with Donny over the phone? Kelly has blocked @XXXCAMJOBS on Twitter.


Kelly has also taken the liberty of parroting some of Foster’s lies:

@KellyRo1978 @MonicaFoster doesn’t he have other charges agents him like endangering a minor?
Complete bullshit but Kelly’s source is Monica, who receives all the information that she posts on her gossip sites straight from her ass. This is a woman that has failed at selling her pussy but she somehow is delusional enough to think that she will be forced to work in a Nevada brothel (Where former porn performers make upwards of $2000/hr, more than Foster makes in a year). She may be able to visit a Nevada brothel as a customer, but no one would hire Monica to work at such an establishment. For one thing, they are extremely strict when it comes to health and safety. There’s no telling what Ms. Foster is carrying around in addition to herpes. Hepatitis and HIV aren’t out of the question.

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  1. Don’t forget, Barry got outed on Since Foster enjoys using that website to slander and defame people and harasses people that associates with those that she hates, Barry had to know what it’s like with the shit that Foster does to people. A good thing that he’s been keeping out of this shit or else more publications about him on the and other sites would occur. Barry always attacked Foster’s enemies when they never did anything to him.

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