Kendra Jade Rossi on Howard Stern; Talks About Her Dr. Drew Experience

from – Howard…. had Kendra Jade come in. She’s been on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Sex Rehab. Howard said that she looked like she had something done to her lips. Kendra said that she hasn’t done anything in a long time. Howard asked how her titties were looking. She said she hopes that they’re okay.

Howard asked how many porn movies she made when she was doing that. She said it was maybe 10 or 15. Howard said he has to get some of those movies. She said she wasn’t good as a porn star though. Kendra also fucked Jerry Springer. Howard said if that’s not a sex addict then he doesn’t know what is. Howard said it’s no wonder she’s fucked up after she and her step-mom went and fucked the guy. Kendra said that she couldn’t fuck him because his dick didn’t work for her. Howard said he could get it up for her. Artie said he got it up for her 2 minutes ago.

Howard asked how old Kendra is. She said she’s 32 now. Howard said she looks good. Kendra said she was on the show the first time when she was 18. Howard said she also fucked Gange. Kendra said that she was seeking out bad situations back then.

Howard said that Kendra is seeking out intimacy and love when you’re a sex addict. Kendra said that she was also cheating on every single person she was with no matter how much she loved them. She said she was trying to fill some kind of void in her life. Howard said that’s like what Letterman was doing with the people he was banging. Howard said it would be great if they had Letterman and Steve Phillips on this sex rehab show.

Howard said Kendra gave anal sex to a listener that won a contest. Kendra said that guy never showed up. Howard asked how it could be possible for Jerry Springer not to get hard for her. Howard asked if she sucked on it. She said that was embarrassing and didn’t answer.

Howard asked Kendra more about the time she was with Jerry. She said that Jerry came out and whipped it out from what she remembers. She said that she may have been encouraging it. Howard said her mom was there too. She said it was her step-mom but Howard said it’s more fun to say ”mom.” Howard asked if Springers’s cock was really ugly. she said she didn’t remember but she said it was all very exciting for her so she may have overlooked it if it was.

Howard asked if the penis was big and what she did with it. Kendra said she didn’t remember all of the details, it was a very long time ago. Howard said that it must have excited him just to whip it out. Howard asked how many fingers she used to pull it out. Kendra was just laughing at all of the questions.

Howard asked how you don’t get hard when Kendra is sucking on you. Kendra said he didn’t get softer than he was but it didn’t get harder. She said that he actually finished himself off. Howard kept asking more and more questions about that but Kendra wanted to change subjects.

Howard said Jerry must have looked at them naked or something. She said that he may have done that. Howard asked where he finished. Kendra said that it was probably on her chest somewhere. She said it was hard to remember because it was so long ago.

Howard said he should have banged her back in the day. Kendra said she tried to get him. Howard said that it was weird how Gange rejected her. She said that she came on too strong because she was so needy. Howard said Gange must be kicking himself in the head now. Gange was in there and said that he is. He said that she looks great.

Gange said he stopped calling her because she was paging him like 20 times a day and writing him 10 page letters on paper. He said that was back when there was no cell phones or email so it kind of scared him off.

Howard asked Kendra if she looks back on it and thinks that she made a mistake being with her. She said they had some fun back then and it wasn’t like that. Gange said that they did have fun and if he knew she wasn’t going to be crazy maybe he would have stuck with her.

Artie goofed on Gange’s yellow wrangler shirt and told Kendra they use that at Yankee stadium when they have a rain delay.

Howard checked Kendra out and said she’s still looking good. Howard said a lot of chicks her size get fat a lot. Kendra said she was fat for a while. She said that she was drinking a lot and she was quite a bit heavier.

Howard said Kendra married the guy who won Rockstar Supernova, Lucas Rossi, and she hasn’t cheated on him but she’d gone to rehab so she won’t cheat on him. Kendra said that Lucas is amazing and it’s tough to break her habits so she has to go to rehab. Kendra said she can be very self destructive, especially if they get into a fight.

Kendra said that when Lucas was out on tour it was tough for her to sleep alone and it would be very tough for her to stop herself from going out and just fucking some guy. She said that’s why she had to go on this show. Kendra said Dr. Drew is great and they have a sex therapist by the name of Jill who is great. Howard heard that she hated Dr. Drew. Kendra said that’s not true. She said she looked at him like a father figure.

Howard asked if she shows off her body on the show. She said they had them all covered up so they didn’t look sexy at all. She said that they have another porn chick, Penny Flame, and Nicole Naraine the Playboy chick on the show. They have Amber Smith on the show too. Howard said she was on the other rehab show too. Kendra said that Amber had to address those issues because she didn’t do that in the other show. Kendra said she’s so beautiful and she doesn’t even know it. Howard said that Amber seemed to think she was all that when she was on the set of his movie.

Howard asked if there were any guys on the show. She said there was a surfer and a film director. She said that the director pretended to be a lord in England and went to jail for that. Howard said he heard that Kendra cried a lot on the show. She said that she did. She was able to call her husband on the show and he came to visit but they weren’t allowed to touch. They weren’t supposed to masturbate either. Howard said he heard she did. Kendra said that you’ll have to watch to see if she did. She said that she might have. Howard asked how many times she did. Kendra said she didn’t know.

Howard said that the new show starts on Sunday night on VH1. He asked her why she didn’t like Dr. Drew. Kendra said she didn’t not like him. She said that she had issues with him but he showed her that he really did care about them in the end.

Howard asked if she thinks that her husband has been faithful to her. Kendra said she’s sure he is. She said that he’s a good boy. Howard said he’s not so sure that he is. Howard asked if she would go out and fuck other guys if she found out he did cheat. She said that she would work it out in therapy.

Howard asked if Kendra wants to have kids. She said that she does someday. She said that she thinks that she could bring a lot to the table for a kid.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Kendra’s mother taped her having sex. Howard said there was a whole thing around that situation. Howard said he’s proud of Kendra and what she’s doing with the new boyfriend. Kendra said that she and Dr. Drew really did some intense stuff in therapy. She said that she does like Dr. Drew.

Howard asked Kendra about her lips being all wet looking. She said that was just lip gloss. Howard said he wishes that she was a sex addict. The caller said that he was with Kendra a long time ago and she was the second best blow job he ever got. He said that he met her at a porn convention out there. The guy didn’t understand how she can be a sex addict if she’s only having sex with her husband. Howard said that she’s doing that now but she had a lot of issues in the past.

The guys talked about some of these guys who cheat even though they have very attractive wives. Howard said that Steve Phillips guy is one of them. He cheated with some ugly chick.

Howard asked Kendra about why she went into porn. She said she got pissed at her boyfriend at the time and that was the way to get back at him.

Howard said he’s proud of Kendra for working all of this stuff out. Kendra said that she wanted Mary Carey to be on the show with her. Howard said Dr. Drew may not want the same people on the show every season.

Howard gave Kendra a plug for an appearance she’s making at a strip club. Howard asked if that’s dangerous for her. She said that it may be. She said that she won’t be naked but she may remove some articles of clothing. Howard asked if she’s going to do lap dances. She said that she might get naked but she won’t be doing lap dances. Howard and Robin asked if Dr. Drew knows about this.

Kendra said she’s just going to hang out and meet people. She said she was kidding about getting naked. She’s going to be at Rouge night club in Maspeth, New York and then Mardi Gras in Springfield, Massachusetts this week. Howard asked when she last did that. She said it was a few years.

Howard said that she might want to avoid going to the strip clubs. Kendra said that she should be fine. Howard said he hopes she can keep it up.

Howard asked if any of the people at the Sex Rehab fell off the wagon at all. She said that they weren’t allowed to leave and she’s not sure if anyone hooked up in the place they were staying.

Howard asked if she would bring another woman into bed with her husband. Kendra said that she has done that. She’s not sure where the line is with that kind of thing. She said she has problems drawing the line with a lot of things like that.

Howard asked if she’s told not to masturbate after getting out of rehab. She said that they don’t do that but they suggest that you have a healthy relationship. Howard asked Kendra about having really rough sex. She said she still likes that and she likes smacking, choking and being spit on and things like that. Howard asked if she’s into gun play. She said she wouldn’t like that. Howard asked if her husband gives it to her rough. She said he does sometimes. Howard asked if Dr. Drew is okay with her liking it rough. She said she’s not sure but she doesn’t think he would be. Howard gave Kendra some more plugs, wrapped up and went to break after that.

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