Kevin Blatt Interviewed by RadarOnLine Re: Tila Tape; Worth At Least $1M? See the Clip

For the record, both Kevin Blatt and attorney Mike Fattorosi are quoted in this earlier article on sex tapes in case you missed it:

Blatt is also interviewed by Radar On Line:

from –

“A ten second clip of Tila surfaced Tuesday on the website and celebrity sex tape distributer, Kevin Blatt, exclusively told that the video was shopped to him two years ago by “two Latino individuals in possession of a black MacBook.”

Tila has been adamantly denying the existence of the sex tape but Blatt told, “I saw a 15-minute long clip that was way more than the nine second clip you saw on… It was her in a variety of different positions.

“That tape, being that it’s 15-minutes long, great quality, it could be worth upwards of $1 million… Tila looks gorgeous in it.”

Watch the clip

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