Kid Vegas in Canadian Jail-final

Porn Valley- Dickie Brasco calls me about Kid Vegas. The last I had heard of Vegas he had been arrested in Nevada on a weapons charge. Then things only got worse after that.

According to what I’m told, Vegas had been living in Nevada with a girlfriend near Pahrump. He was at her house at the time she had a house party. It’s not clear whether he did it at the party, but Vegas apparently shot tapes of him fucking his girlfriend.

Presumably the tape was going to go to netvideogirls. Vegas supposedly got out of hand at the party and took out his handgun and began waving it around telling everyone the party was over and they all had to leave. The cops show up and it’s at this point that Vegas’ girlfriend begins accusing him of rape. Vegas is arrested, and his sister puts up the bail money for him. In the meantime, Vegas is looking for an attorney to represent him. The case got pretty interesting because several judges had to recuse themselves because they knew the family. Then the sex tape surfaced which only added to the problems.

Vegas finally gets a lawyer who tells him the best thing he could do is plea bargain to a three year jail sentence. Vegas vowed he’d kill himself before he ever went to jail. He fired the lawyer then began looking at prospects of having a public defender.

Meanwhile the prosecutor motioned to raise the bail. When that happened, Vegas fled to Brazil where he shacked up with a South African woman for awhile. Because he doesn’t speak the native languages, Vegas was at odds to get a video gig going. Vegas supposedly e-mailed some friends at the time observing that things were going bad for him and that he had to leave. Vegas said he would keep in touch when he got to his next destination.

Then he shows up in the British Virgin Islands, afterwards the American Virgin Islands. From there he flies to Canada and upon entry into the country his passport gets flagged. He’s immediately thrown into jail. Vegas, from what I’m also told, filed for political asylum to avoid being extradited. Faced with his current situation, Vegas has told some friends he could always take the easy way out, suggesting suicide.

I’m told that Vegas had been living hand to mouth, otherwise he’d mooch off of women. And that’s the bits and pieces of it.


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