Beat the Crap Out of This Girl Now There’s New Rules in Place

from 0 This past spring, we wrote about a model who alleged that she’d been badly injured while performing on stage at Folsom Street Fair. The model, Eden Alexander, said that she endured a lengthy beating that resulted in severe bruising and permanent scarring.

Leaving severe marks on a model is against’s shooting rules, which govern all on-set activity at the local porn company and emphasize consent and safety.

When we published our story, Kink’s CEO, Peter Acworth, told us, “Next year, we will put a set of rules in place which are appropriate for public play outside of a shoot.”

With Folsom Street Fair starting tomorrow, we reached out to Kink to see if these rules had indeed been instated.

Kink’s spokesperson, Mike Stabile, provided us with the company’s new rules for this year’s Fair:

Rules/Guidelines for Folsom Play:

A designated representative must act as Dungeon Monitor (DM).

DM duties are:

Over-see all play on stage and in the public play area.

Ensure on-stage participants fill out paperwork.

Stop play when necessary.

Enforce the following rules:

All existing on-set shooting rules

No masturbation of self or others

No penetration

No activity that could lead to marking

No oral or anal sex

No public urination

No blood-sports (includes piercing)

No drugs or alcohol consumption

Stabile also added, “In past years, for live events we followed Folsom Street Fair guidelines rather than the more stringent shooting guidelines. This year, live event guidelines not only include our shooting rules, but go further and prohibit marking, sex, etc.”


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