Making Noise in Vegas? Party Boy Peter Acworth Will Get Rude Awakening

“ Celebrates 10,000th Shoot” There ya go. That’s the news on XBIZ. 10,000 shoots. That’s impressive. I wonder how much AIDS has been spread on those shoots?

Think about all those Public Disgrace shoots. Think about all the gay and tranny condomless scenes. You gotta wonder what is the aggregate T-cell count and the viral loads that are swimming around the old Armory. According to the article, the company has shot more than 25,000 hours of sex, hired nearly 3,000 performers, used more than 192,000 ounces of lube and more than a half a million condoms. Like they’re a condom company.

This is the company where Xander Corvus put his bleeding penis in Cameron Bay’s mouth. She’s sucking on a bloody dick and they’re talking about condoms. Get the fuck outta here.

Peter Acworth is the biggest lowlife piece of shit in the world. He really is. He’s a fucking jerk off. He’s saying that with all these new regulations he’s gonna move his company out of California. Where you gonna go, dummy? Where?

This is the guy who shot off a bunch of guns at the Armory and when the police showed up, he didn’t let them in the building and when he did let them in, they found coke on him. So the busted him on cocaine charges and impeding a police investigation. This is a guy who makes a lot of noise and brings attention to himself.

So they’re gonna take this huge operation out of the Armory and move it where? Where are they gonna go that doesn’t scream to the authorities who they are and what they are doing? Remember, anywhere outside of California or New Hampshire is not protected by the Freeman Decision. Any other state could bust them and charge them with pandering, obscenity, Mann Act violations. Whatever an ambitious prosecutor decides to charge them with. People who say that if there is no law on the books saying otherwise, that making porn is technically legal, are full of shit. Whoever is in office that decides to make an example of an easy target like porn will do so in a heartbeat.

You’re gonna tell me that a company with an owner who has the reputation of being a coked out, gun toting nut job, a company full of misfits who let guys with bloody dicks shove them in girls’ mouths, a company that invites the public to come in and punch women in their tits, that company is gonna be welcome in any other state than California? Really?

You’re gonna move to Vegas? Where you gonna go in Vegas? Or any other place in Nevada? Unless you get the Governor of Nevada and Senator Harry Reid to give their stamp of approval, they are gonna be operating as a rogue company and anybody can go and bust their balls. Anyone who gets a wild hair up their ass or who gets leaned on enough, they will get busted by.

All you morons who think the porn biz if gonna pull up stakes and run to Las Vegas, remember this. Harry Reid won the last election with a very slim margin against a very conservative Tea Party woman. Harry Reid is the boss of that fucking state. All it takes is some right wing Republicans to start braying about the liberal Democrat Harry Reid and his pals in the pornography industry and liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s band of trouble making extreme porn makers coming from California to invade and infect the morality of the God fearing folk of Nevada and watch how fast the hammer comes down.

You people are stupid if you think the Goodmans in Vegas are gonna protect you. Former mayor Oscar Goodman is a former mob lawyer. His wife Carolyn, the current mayor of Las Vegas, is not gonna stick her neck out for a bunch of pornographers and if she did, it wouldn’t matter. The big picture is Harry Reid.

If Peter Acworth brings his huge operation into Vegas, they are gonna create a big scene. They created a big scene in San Francisco and it’s the most liberal city in America. You are gonna see rumblings in the newspapers and on the TV news. You are gonna see conservative Republicans who almost won the election and got Harry Reid outta there make a big stink and say Harry Reid let this happen. Liberal Harry Reid let a bunch of exiled pornographers from liberal Nancy Pelosi’s liberal state come to the family friendly town of Las Vegas and our children are gonna be exposed to filth and cocaine. Think of the children. Las Vegas got rid of the mob and cleaned up its image and now that image is gonna be tarnished by godless, immoral pornographers.

You people have no idea of how dirty politics works. You guys worry about Assemblyman Hall and Mike Delgado. We have a cakewalk out here. We have a governor who used to get high with Linda Ronstadt. California wants us here. We are in a very liberal state. We’ve gotten spoiled. You think Isadore Hall and Mike Delgado are what politics are? They are chickenshit politicians compared to Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid. They are what real politics are. They are the ones who set policy. Not some State Assemblymen from Compton and Burbank.

Peter Acworth should think about some of these things before he runs his mouth and spews his bullshit. is gonna run from regulation in California and set up a 100,000 square foot building off the strip in Las Vegas? Think about this. Kink has people off the street in San Francisco come in and beat the shit out of girls. So are they gonna be doing Public Disgrace in Las Vegas? They’re gonna have las Vegas tourists lined up outside their dungeon? “Honey, you wanna go see Blue Man Group or beat on some whores?” Cops roll by, “What’s going on here?” “Just waiting for the sex party, officer.” How do you think all this is gonna go down? is not a company that flies under the radar. Have you seen the pictures of people lined up outside the Armory in San Francisco to be in Public Disgrace? You think that this is gonna be acceptable in Las Vegas?

I’m not talking about little companies like Lee Roy Myers and Woodrocket setting up a non descript studio and quietly shooting movies. I’m not talking about people shooting in hotel rooms. I’m talking about cowboys like Peter Acworth and Steven Hirsch who like to call a lot of attention to themselves. You think Vivid is gonna be able to have a big garish building that everyone can see when they drive by in Las Vegas? You think Kink is gonna have a mega dungeon and have massive fuck parties where the public is invited and bloody penises flying around and nobody’s gonna fuck with them? Bullshit. Not gonna happen.

Kink isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Vivid. It’s not legal to shoot porn anywhere but California. If you go anywhere else and make any noise, you will get busted. When you do something that’s illegal, you get away with it by being quiet. Kink is not gonna go to Vegas because they are all about noise.

Celebrate your 10,000th shoot, celebrate your T-cell counts and have fun in California because that is the only place you’re gonna be.

At the end of the day, you best bet is to move back to Europe.

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