Kitten Natividad Tells Seka, The Unknown Comic Used to Whip His Dick Out All the Time to Show It To us

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Seka started off her last show with the idea of interviewing Russ Meyer legend Kitten Natividad. Next thing you know, Richard Pachedo calls up and it becomes a party. Funny thing, Kitten who lives in Hollywood didn’t know who Pacheco was.

“This is one of the most sexual ladies I ever met in my 35 years in this business,” said Seka. “She is just a dreamboat in more ways than one.” Natividad says she continues to do cameos in movies.

“I don’t charge much; it’s kind of fun. It pays off in its own way. I’m still showing them I’m alive and there’s sex after Sixty.”

“I got into the business when I was 20 but I didn’t do porn until I was in my Forties,” she explained.

“I wanted to do it before, but I was married and the guys always told me you do that and the marriage is over. I waited until the marriage was over. It was kind of at the end of when porn was really Hollywood- Seka was in and they had plots, lots of lines. They had a script. We could suck and talk at the same time. Unfortunately I only made a handful of them.”

A caller-in said he remembered Natividad in the film My Tutor. Natividad recalled sharing a dressing room with Matt Lattanzi [who was married to Olivia Newton-John for awhile]. Not that it was relevant to the conversation, but Natividad said among mainstream actors Victor Mature was really hung.

It was about this point that Richard Pacheco called in wishing Seka best wishes with her new show. Pacheco, like Seka, has a book coming out. Natividad also said she had a book coming out. Pacheco mentioned that he and Seka have the same publisher BearManor. Pachecho’s book is supposed to be coming out in the Fall.

Natividad’s book titled Kitten Galore is coming out in December.

“It s a coffee table book with about 10,000 pictures,” she said, “because I did a lot of pin-ups for ten years. It’s not too much reading but a lot of jacking off pictures.”

Natividad said she’d be selling the book through her website, and on Facebook.

“And I’m going to travel and sell it,” she added.

Natividad asked Pacheco, “Have I ever heard of you- have you ever done anything- how should I know you?”

“Oh, you’re a porn star.”

“I was,” said Pacheco.

“There is no ‘was’ in porn star,” corrected Seka. “Once a porn star you’re a porn star even after you’re dead.”

“It follows us like a tail,” added Natividad.

“I see that you started with Russ Meyer- that’s very impressive,” Pacheco told her.

“It was hard to be in front of a camera,” observed Natividad.

“It’s not the same as just going on stage and stripping. I was afraid of the camera.”

Seka could attest that Pacheco’s “little buddy” suffered from camera fright. Pacheco was never known as the strongest male performer.

“My nickname was smallest cock to ever hit the big time,” he laughed. “All the women love to do anal with me.”

Seka recalled a scene where Pacheco was having trouble getting it up.

“It was Sunny Days which has never been released,” she said.

In the movie that he directed, Pacheco recalled that it was about that time in Careful He May Be Watching that Seka had taken over her own career. “You were so happy that you could be the decided as George Bush would have said.”

“You had been connected to whatever partners were with up until that time. You were the boss.”

“When we worked together the first time I was so frightened of being in the same class as you,” Pacheco recalled.

“You were the Secretariat. You were the best horse in the race. I was completed intimidated of trying to be worthy. I scared myself into complete chaos. I remembered saying to myself I’m too scared and that I had to calm down.

“I took half a Valium. Biggest mistake I ever made in my life. It was like getting hit in the head by Brian Urlacher. I didn’t know if I was standing or sitting. I didn’t know which way it was up. But we did the scene. We got through it and I think I surprised you that I was as crazy as I really turned out to be. I was grateful that we got to do a second scene and even a third scene. We had better luck later on.”

Seka remembered telling Pacheco under the sheets to calm down and she was going to suck his dick.

“Yes you did,” he laughed.

It was mentioned that in the movie The Dancers, Seka and Georgina Spelvin had a non-sex scene together and that Seka or somebody quoted lines from the Sam Cooke song, Cupid.

“I added that at the last minute,” Pacheco explained.

“Director Anthony Spinelli said that was okay. After the movie was done. He had had a break down with the people who were producing the movie. Which he often did. They hated him and he hated them. The bottom line is that scene because we used the lyrics from Sam Cooke’s song they had to pay Sam Cooke’s estate $5,000 because I stuck that in the movie and Sam [Spinelli] was very happy about that because they were German and he was calling them Nazis and was glad they had to pay $5,000 extra.”

Pacheco was asked what he’s been up to lately.

Pacheco said he was playing with himself and Natividad asked him if that was paying the rent. Pacheco also mentioned that he just gave away his eldest daughter’s hand in marriage.

“Julianna got married about ten days ago. That makes it three-for-three. We’ve got three kids that are all married and I can change all the locks.”

Pacheco said that he was also a grandfather this his second daughter has a seven month old child.

“That’s our first, and, boy, is that a fun ride. Everybody tells you how great it is. Oh, fuck you. But it is. It really turns out to be great.”

Natividad noted that she just returned from Las Vegas where she was featured in a burlesque act at a casino. Natividad also mentioned that she owns apartment buildings in Hollywood.

“I’m a landlady. Nobody handles my money but me. I watch over the handyman and I’m really hands on when it comes to my property. I enjoy having property and being self-sufficient and not having to be with a man because I want him to take care of me. I just want to be with a man to enjoy myself.”

Seka recalled an instance last year when she and Natividad did a radio interview together in St. Louis. Natividad said on that trip Seka was always concerned for her and whether she had had enough to eat or drink.

“You were always on top of everything- you’re such a leader.”

“It’s the time in my life to be on top,” Seka laughed.

It was noted that Natividad had also appeared in a remake so to speak of Meyer’s film Faster Pussycat Fuck! Fuck! directed by Elizabeth Starr.

“I did a cameo,” said Natividad. “My friend Elizabeth asked me to be in it and I said sure!! I like to help out.” Ron Jeremy was also in the film.

Natividad a stalwart from The Gong Show was also in a comedy called Night Patrol with The Unknown Comic Murray Langston.

“That guy had a huge cock by the way,” said Natividad. “He liked to whip it out and show it to us all the time.”

Bill Margold called in, recalling the time he worked with her. “Lee Carroll had apparently succeeded in intimidating the man who was working with both of them. Lee Carroll could intimidate a statute. I went down to this little apartment in the Valley and Lee said you’re going to fuck Kitten.”

“I go what’s in it for me, and Lee said, I’ll buy you dinner. We went to a Japanese restaurant after the great pleasure I had. But because big tits are not my favorite thing it was a doggie style situation. I’ve never really seen too much value in tits. They remind me too much of mommy.”

Margold recalled that he usually did blowjob scenes with Seka.

“They were spectacular.”

“You fucked me good,” Seka reassured him.

“And it was a great pleasure to do it,” Margold added.

“Working with Seka, she would warn the cameraman and the director my cum shots were usually massive and they better get out of the way. I always thought that was very astute of Seka.”

As his plea to preserve the history of the business, Margold urged Natividad to call in often to Seka’s show and give updates.

Natividad explained that she admired Seka. “I’d say wow she was beautiful; oh my God she takes it up the ass so wonderful. I used to look up to her.”

Seka recalled an instance when she and Natividad were at a Fifties- style club in St. Louis called The Way Out Club.

“It was just remarkable to watch Kitten on stage interact with her fans and then watch her off stage interact with them on a one-on-one basis.”

Natividad added that, “What works with me and my fans is that I’m totally honest. I tell them the truth.

Seka told her favorite story about how a fan argued with her at a signing that she couldn’t be Seka that Seka died in the movie Prisoner of Paradise. Pacheco said he used to write articles and sign them The Ghost of Richard Pacheco.

“I went to some event and I was introduced to a group of people. And somebody standing there said this is Richard Pacheco. The woman said to me I thought you were dead. I said, no, I chose to call myself that because I was no longer working in movies so my ghost was making comment.

“She kept being angry with me because I wasn’t dead. I said would you be happier if I was? Sorry I’m still living. I won’t let that happen again.”

Pacheco said he looks in AVN every month to see if he’s in the obituaries.


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