Knockworstface, you’re a loser in life!

I’m willing to put money in it that you kep reporting my account in daily, even more than Foster. After 3 years, you’re STILL obsessed with me when I never did anything you in the very beginning. It’s not my fault that you’re a drug addict loser in life that needs psych meds.

Are you jealous of me because I fucked a couple of pornstars?

Are you jealous of me because you don’t have any friends?

Are you jealous of me because you’re a pathetic, unattractive loser who can’t get laid?

You may think that reporting my accounts daily (I believe that you do it to Donny Long also since you think he had something to do with your PWL unmodding) gives you power, but it is I who has power over you! I live in your head rent free, I basically control you just like I own Monica Foster and her obsession with me!!!

You and your friends on kiwifags and make me laugh all because you’re pathetic losers in life!

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