Kris & Berman Show Makes Its Triumphant Return to the Airwaves with Gen Padova; 3PM PT, Wednesday

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VENICE, CA – Unfiltered, uncensored and back on the air tonight, Wed., Sept. 19 are the duo that some think are too hot for the airwaves, but they are irrepressible and tonight you can find out what the hype is all about.

“We’re going to reintroduce ourselves to a new audience by running a few old clips and commenting on them,” Berman said.

“We’ll also be playing guess what race, where Kris and I go through a police blotter and guess what race committed the crime. It’s mostly just weird news, so no politics or anything to do with the Mideast. We’ll also be explaining what happened to us at the last station after getting fired for the jizz-drinking incident and the butt funnel.”

Yes, they have some ‘splainin to do. In addition to that family-friendly fare, they will also have Gen Padova on as the evening’s only guest.

How can you listen or even be part of the show? You can listen on, the tune-in radio app, or the Mixx Radio app as well as our live ustream. Sorry, not sure of the link for the account.

The show is on from 6-8 pm ET, or 3-5 PT.

For more on the completely politically uncorrect duo go Follow them on Twitter @ KrisandBerman. Also check out @themixxradio.

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