Kris & Berman Show to Relive eXXXotica NJ on Wednesday’s Show, 3PM PT

VENICE, CA – The electricity is back on and the new phone system all installed on the Kris & Berman Show, so it’s on with the show. Featuring hosts Alan Berman and Kris Hasbun this week they will be doing their eXXXotica NJ recap, find out which guy lost his license after a DWI and talking shit about sports.

Driving the show will certainly be Kris’ trip to eXXXotica with Logan Berman, the show’s engineer and stuntman. Fans of the show won’t be surprised to find out that the stuntman crash landed at the show.

“This week’s show will be about Kris helping Logan making an ass of himself at eXXXotica and Logan’s failure to get laid even though he was in a room filled with girls who love to fuck,” Berman said. “We’ll also be talking about me losing my license to a DWI and the bat mitzvah I attended instead of eXXXotica. Also, some NBA talk as my Knicks are 4-0, so I wanna brag a bit.”

Okay, so now you know who got the DWI and that he went to a bat mitzvah. What you don’t know is how they tie together, or if they do at all. Have you seen the videos they’ve posted on their Twitter leading up to this? You really have to be there.

The show is Wednesday night 6-8 pm ET/3-5 PST.

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