LA Direct’s Fran Amidor Resurfaces in “Aroused” Documentary

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Fran Amidor [pictured right] who works for Derek over at LA Direct has already exhibited a low opinion of porn talent. And she surfaces again in the “Aroused” documentary about 16 women in the porn business. here’s what I don’t get if Amidor has such a low opinion of the business why is she in it?

From – Fran Amidor, an adult-film talent agent, said that each time someone does a sex scene in front of the camera, a small part of their soul disappears.

Louis Theroux also did a documentary about porn. A review of it had this to say, from www.the – “A hatchet-faced British woman who does a desk job in a San Fernando Valley adult film company explained that she never tried to talk girls out of having sex on film because, and one quotes, ‘I’m here to promote the porn industry’.

“She maybe shouldn’t show them her contribution to this film then. ‘It’s not something I would want for my child,’ she explained, ‘because it fucks with their heads and I don’t want to be the mother of a whore.’ That’ll be your English charm at work.”

Theroux then writes on “At one of the top LA agencies for performers, LA Direct, the accountant Francine Amidor laments the ‘devastating’ impact of piracy.

“‘There’s less work, and there’s an abundance – because of the economy – of performers. There aren’t enough people shooting to give everybody a day’s work.’

“I put it to Amidor that she owes it to the young aspirants who still make their way to the LA Direct offices to explain the consequences of their decision. She demurs. ‘Because then I would talk three quarters of the girls out of the business and then we wouldn’t be in business.’


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