LA Weekly Reporting that Big Fabe Opposed Condoms in LA; Wrong

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Granted, Fabian Thylmann remains porn’s mystery man. But one thing’s certain he never opposed condoms. Thylmann, in fact, Tweeted, October 21st:

“we learn that we do not mind our talent to ask for condoms. Which was the only thing I said. Manwin is pro choice.”

But here’s what the Weekly goes on to say, from – The co-founder a company that backed the porn industry’s fight against mandatory condoms in L.A. county was arrested in Brussels on suspicion of tax evasion, according to reports.

The German publication Die Welt says Fabian Thylmann, a managing partner of porn juggernaut Manwin, was arrested for allegedly dodging taxes in Germany.

In fact, the publication claims that …

… an investigation it published in September alleged tax improprieties but that Manwin lawyers succeeded in getting a preliminary injunction against “passages” that mentioned those allegations.

A Google translation of one of two Die Welt pieces on the arrest continues:

Now the tax investigators have established facts. Because an arrest warrant of the Cologne District Court, he was arrested last week in Belgium and sits in custody.

youporn com image.JPG

Manwin has become one of the biggest companies in porn in the last five years. The company has taken over many of the biggest YouTube-like “porn tube” sites — such as YouPorn and Pornhub — that offer free clips (and sometimes give headaches to L.A. adult video producers).

It also helps run and market Playboy TV.

The holding company is based in Luxembourg but has offices in Burbank, Montreal and Hamburg.

Die Welt says Hamburg offices of the company were searched and that computers and documents were seized.

The next step for Thylmann, 34, appeared to be possible extradition from Brussels to Germany. His Brussels arrest was based on a warrant out of Cologne, according to reports.

Manwin donated $75,000 to the anti-mandatory-condom side, No on Measure B, making it the campaign’s biggest backer. The no side lost, however, and porn producers must ensure condom use if production takes place in most of the county.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which spearheaded measure B, accused the no campaign of taking illicit money because Manwin is a foreign-based company.

The no side has argued, however, that because of Manwin’s large presence in the U.S., the contribution was legit.

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