LAist: James Deen Makes The World’s Most Expensive Burrito; *See the Clip

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from – In his latest video, porn star James Deen decides to make an epic burrito (and we swear “burrito” just means “burrito” and not some sort of fetish you need to look up on Urban Dictionary).

Deen’s goal is to spend as much money as he can making a burrito, which, yes, completely defeats the purpose of burritos. But that’s besides the point: who is James Deen if not the guy who is supposed to live out our ridiculous fantasies—like the recurring one we have about ordering everything on the menu at Del Taco?

Deen does a good job spending too much money. It looks like he’s shopping at Whole Foods, and he loads up his basket with caviar, crab legs, spendy cheese, steak and a boatload of booze. Because why not live big and infuse the guac with champagne and the scotch with beans? It ends up being like $700, and he swears it’s the best thing ever—until he gets a bite of too-fishy caviar. (Mo money, mo problems!)

We’ve embedded a preview of the video, but you can watch the whole thing over on WoodRocket. The video itself is SFW but it is on a very NSFW porn site. Spoiler alert: he keeps his pants on.

* See the clip:

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