LAPD Tasered Steve Driver in the Back But No One Investigated that; These May Be the Guys to Form the Condom Squad

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For every Rodney King beating there’s dozens of incidents involving the LAPD and civilians that go unreported. I’ve posted a couple of recent stories today to make a point that innocent bystanders can walk into a pack of trouble whenever the moon is full and some cops turn into werewolves.

Today, The Daily Beast, also known as the Mr. Marcus website, reported findings from the Marland Anderson investigation.

As you may have suspected, porn performer Anderson suffered injuries concurrent with blunt force trauma. In other words, not only did LAPD taser Anderson, they may have applied a few illegal wrestling holds on him as well. The investigation continues.

In April I wrote a piece detailing porn’s confrontations with law enforcement, all of which ended badly. Along with that, I posted the video of porn “mope” Steve Driver being tasered in the back by LAPD.

While no one’s condoning the psychopathic actions of Driver which preceded this event, the video clearly shows that he took it in the back from one of LA’s finest. The momentum, you’ll note, carried Driver off the edge of a cliff.

Because of the nature of his own crime which took the life of Herbert Hin Wong, nary a soul lamented the loss of Driver. Nevertheless, another crime had been committed in his apprehension and it was recorded.

Which suggests a scary thought. LA County is debating who’s going to enforce the condom law if it goes into effect with the November ballot. Dollars to doughnuts LAPD will be hauled in as part of that enforcement team. If their behavior is as predictable as these Rodney King stories of violence suggest, more dollars to doughnuts we’ll have another Marland Anderson moment. It’s as predictable as night following day.

Bring your condoms and bring your gurneys just in case.


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