Larry Craig’s ‘wide stance’ tops Newsweek 20/10 Top 10 Sex Scandal Details of the Decade

from – The “Decade in Rewind” Top 10 lists going up by the day over at are ton of fun, but my readers will be most interested in the one that just went live today:

Don’t miss The Top 10 Sex Scandal Details of the Decade, with expert commentary from the likes of “Savage Love” columnist Dan Savage, porn star Sasha Grey, former madam Heidi Fleiss, and Pink Visual CEO Allison Vivas.

While there have certainly been some epic sex scandals in the last decade, the Newsweek contributors rightly emphasize that the devil is in the details, which is why Senator Larry Craig’s “wide stance” in a public toilet at the Minneapolis airport – bumping up against an undercover officer in a sting operation cracking down on cruisers – gets the dubious distinction of holding down the #1 spot.

Here’s Savage, via

It annoys people like me–openly gay men–when the Craig incident is described as a “gay sex scandal,” as if his actions in the toilet that day tell you something about gay men. Openly gay people–gay men with integrity–have boyfriends and husbands. When I want a blow job, I don’t have to fly to Minnesota and lurk in a toilet. I just have to go home.

Other highlights from the list include Rachel Maddow on U.S. Senator John Ensign’s parents paying off his mistress, National Enquirer editor David Perel on the day a team of his reporters and photographers backed John Edwards into a bathroom at the Beverly Hilton where he was visiting his mistress and their love child, Heidi Fleiss on Eliot Spitzer, aka “Client #9”, Pot Psychology hosts Tracie Egan and Rich Juzwiak on Max Mosley’s Nazi concentration camp-themed S&M orgy, and The Girlfriend Experience star Sasha Grey on Governor Sanford’s Appalachian Adventure.

Like I said: That’s one hell of a list. What fun will the next decade bring?

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