Larry Flynt Blames It All On The Republicans; *Watch the Video

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Legendary porn publisher Larry Flynt appeared on HuffPost Live this week and attempted to explain why he tends to be so critical of Republicans. “I’ve never met a Republican that wasn’t mean-spirited,” Flynt said, “and in his heart, a racist.”

“I’m sure there are some that are probably not,” he admitted. “But I’m just telling you what my experience has been and my exposure to conservative Republicans: they’re a nightmare.”

Later in the interview, Flynt called the fact that women get paid 25% less for doing the same jobs as men. “the biggest travesty that we have in this country,” a problem he also blamed on the GOP. “The reason why women don’t have equal pay, it’s Republicans, it’s not the Democrats.” He said it’s also Republicans who are trying to block immigration reform and “control women’s reproductive cycles.”

Flynt predicted that no matter who runs on the Democratic side for president, “I do not see the Republicans ever winning another national campaign in the next three to five decades.” If he had anything nice to say about conservatives it was that “you can never accuse a Republican of not having a spine–they’ve got one.”

And he one piece of advice for Democrats. Instead of trying to be “all things to all people,” they should just “do the right thing” and “let reason prevail.”

*Watch the video:

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