Lisa Ann Decries Derek’s “Bullying” Tactics

The posting on LA about Christian XXX has prompted some comments from Lisa Ann who used to work for Derek.

Lisa Ann @thereallisaann tweets the following:

…When I got into the business there was no evil like Derek, he has changed the dynamic of our business for the worse, This can’t go on…

…Here is yet another factoid about Derek’s business practices.. If Derek doesn’t like someone he bans them from working with his talent..

…I plan to be in the industry MUCH longer than Derek, His illegal actions of misleading talent only hurts the growth of the industry I love..

…He is constantly sending out slighted information to taint the minds of his talent and the industry. I have been here MUCH longer than Derek

…What Derek really needs to realize is this… By helping these companies grow, his talent also gets more consistent work with these sites.

…As the owner of my own web site, I am aware of the positive power of affilaites, those affiliates assist in the growth & success of my site

…By the looks of this Letter from Derek’s office you would think Christian is doing something wrong.. he is NOT!

…I am sending you all out a link… I want you to look at it… I will educate you as well, Derek is up to illegal bullying AGAIN!

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