Lisa Ann Rips Into Internet Show Hosts: “If I lived in the middle of nowhere and made ten grand I’d be bitter just like yourselves”; Axel Braun is Egomaniacal, She Says

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We all get up on the wrong side of the bed. But Lisa Ann must sleep on a king size one, because her Internet interview with Creedence & Bishop serves as an object lesson to the best PR intentions running afoul.

I happened to stumble across this baby quite by accident, and Lisa Ann must have done it at the time Nailin’ Palin 2 was coming out which was last year. Lisa Ann takes the show’s hosts to task for asking “lame” questions; gets in a huff when they bring up the subject of money and also serves director Axel Braun on a skewer though she doesn’t mention him by name.

Then she calls back after the interview claiming that her fans tweeted her that the hosts called her a “hooker” in their post game wrap up. Lisa Ann tells them she’s going to register a complaint with Hustler and suggests there would be legal ramifications.

She then calls the hosts $10,000 a year losers. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all.

The thing of it is, the interview began cordially enough then went down hill quickly than a sled in an Akron winter. Lisa Ann, who was calling from a car phone, asks the hosts where they’re based out of. [The show hails out of Wilmington, N.C.]

She mentions a couple of dance appearances in Florida and that she’s been on the circuit for 18 years, 19 years in adult features.

“I started as a house girl in Pennsylvania,” she says. “I got to meet all the girls in the business.”

As a couple of more standard life history questions were asked, Lisa Ann then blurts out, “Have you guys read any bio on me? I’m asked the same questions for years. Come on, let’s get clever.”

So the clever question was put to her about a certain Las Vegas escort website that features pictures of Lisa Ann.

“There’s nothing I can do about it but I don’t do privates!” she explained, noting that she makes no judgments of others who do escort work.

“It’s something I chose many many years ago not to do. I don’t escort. I don’t do privates and I can’t really focus the time and the energy into contacting these people to remove those photos. It’s too time consuming.”

One of the hosts suspected that it was a “gyp” for prospective Johns plus the fact that Lisa Ann probably wasn’t hurting for money.

Lisa Ann said in order to issue a cease and desist you have to find out who’s running the website and contact them.

“There’s not enough time in the day.”

According to her, when she pursued the issue it cost her $15,000 to no avail.

Asked if it was better, financially, to shoot for a number of companies like Brazzers, she replied, “I love the questions you ask- who the fuck asks about money in a radio interview?”

“I’m not going to talk about money,” she added, flatly.

When asked if there was good money in feature dancing, she kept saying,

“I’m not talking money with your right now. This is like me walking up to fucking Roger Staubach and asking do you make good money when you do signings. He’d slap me silly.”

Lisa Ann wanted to change the subject to Nailin’ Palin 2 noting that it was her last Palin movie.

Asked why, she said Hustler replaced her with another Palin, Raylene. Lisa Ann’s appeared in six Palin features altogether but says she got “bored with it” and is only appearing in character on her road shows.

“People still really love it.”

Lisa Ann said Raylene is a very good friend of hers. “She’s going to do really well with it.”

She wasn’t as flattering when it came to Axel Braun who directed the movie, though she never mentions Braun by name.

“The director is egomaniacal and not a nice person.”

Lisa Ann went on to describe a Braun set where performers are expected to sit for “23-24 hour days” with no food. She says Braun has no concept of performer’s daily calendars where his shoots extend into following days.

Asked if that were a “money issue,” Lisa Ann replied that she was on set for Nailin’ Palin 2 until 3:30 in the morning then had to be on her next location at 8am.

“What about craft services?” she’s also asked.

“Not with this director,” she said.

“He wouldn’t spend money on food if it was your last day on the planet. If he had to feed us he wouldn’t. That would take money out of the budget by buying talent money for food.”

Lisa Ann said while she loved working for LFP, she wasn’t going to sit on a set for that many hours.

“Do you have any good questions for me that are not money related or personal?” she next asked.

“If I was buying stocks what would be the best?” she’s asked. Lisa Ann recommended Whole Foods markets predicting that by 2013 the stock would go through the roof.

The review concluded, Creedence and Bishop were wondering why she took so much offense to the questions about money when Lisa Ann called back saying her fans were tweeting her about the fact that she was being called a hooker.

Noting how performers go out of their way to do interviews, Lisa Ann said guys like Creedence & Bishop “treat us like shit.”

“If I lived in the middle of nowhere and made ten grand I’d be bitter just like yourselves.”

She went on to say there were “legal ramifications” for making hooker comments about someone.

“I told you I don’t do hooking. You don’t need to be dicks.”

Mentioning her own show every Tuesday night, Lisa Ann said she makes a point of doing her homework to find out interesting things about her guests that they haven’t been asked.

“If you want to keep asking the same old questions and want to be a tool, that’s fine, that probably comes very natural for you.”

She was asked to re-listen to the show before she jumped to all these conclusions about hooker comments.

“What you got extremely rude about was the money,” she was told except Lisa Ann continued unabated to talk about how her fans want to know about her scenes, etc. and how she supposedly did stunts for the movie Black Swan.

“But you would need a fucking brain to figure these things out,” she added.

The hosts, based on the fact that they’ve done many interviews with other porn performers, thought they were asking valid questions that listeners want to hear.

“We always ask a few of the every day questions because, quite honestly, there are a lot of people in our audience who don’t know who you are.”

Lisa Ann continued to harp on the fact that she was being called a hooker.

Highly indignant, Lisa Ann also thought something derogatory was said that the reason she complained about the Hustler shoot was that it was her time of the month.

“This is fucking insulting,” she stated. “To think I wasted my time for your shit show.”


But don’t take any of my word for this report, hear it for yourself:

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