Lisa Ann Swears She Had 10 Trysts with Rob Kardashian, But Who Ya Gonna Believe?

New York, Dec 7 (ANI): Porn star Lisa Ann, who took a porn swipe at Sarah Palin in, ‘Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?’, has thanked the ex-Vice Presidential candidate for inspiring her hit film.

In fact, Ann wants to attend a reading of Palin’s book ‘Going Rogue’.

“I want to get to one of her book singings,” the New York Daily News quoted Ann as saying.

However, she doesn’t want to buy a copy of the book because “I’d be contributing to the delinquency of her fame,” she said

Meanwhile, she said that she doesn’t appreciate Kim Kardashian’s little brother, Robert, denying he and Lisa Ann were an item.

“We didn’t date. But we did hook up about 10 times in a month. We talked everyday. Then he said he didn’t want his mother and sister to know about us. I said, ‘That would matter if you were 12. But you’re 22.’ I resent him being embarrassed by me,” she said.

Lisa Ann, who introduced her Real Touch pleasure appliance at Rick’s Cabaret last Thursday, added that, as a lover, Kardashian was “a kid — good but quick.”

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