Lisa Ann: “The Internet is Pretty Powerful; It’s taking over Everything, and We’re More well known than Ever”; She’s Got a Book In-Progress

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The Two White Guys, Jason Horton and Josh Mattingly recently interviewed the Milf’s Milf, Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann, who’s new celebrating 20 years in the adult business, announced the fact that she’s got a book coming out. It’s titled, “The Real Lisa Ann- The First 40”

“I’ve been looking back at my journals,” she explains. “I’m hoping to have my notes to editing in the next six months.”

“That’s one of the reasons why I got a place in New York,” she goes on to say.

“Because I’m very inspired- call me a dork- it’s by the New York library. So I put my little computer in my back pack and I walk over there during the day.

“I make myself sit there like it’s a 9 to 5 job, and I write. It’s the smell of the books and the fact of everything that’s in there is helping me.”

“I’ve saved some really great stuff [anecdotes] and just looking back on it, it doesn’t seem that extraordinary because it’s just been my life but from the outside looking in, I guess, it’s pretty neat. It’s so funny what’s important to you when you’re young as to what matters when you get older.”

Her career began in the VHS tape era with the movie Flesh for Fantasy.

“Those were nightmares to carry on the road,” she reflects, noting that in Flesh for Fantasy she wore a princess outfit and shot at a castle-house in Hollywood.

“I walked out in the backyard and there was the Hollywood sign, like right there. I was so young and impressionable thinking this is amazing!!!!

“To everyone out here, this is no big deal. My first scene the guy I worked with smacked me across my face during the scene. I never had anything happen to me like that before. I was, like, what did I do? I didn’t get it at all but I never worked with him again. He went on my ‘no’ list because I was getting to learn how all this works.

“Then with DVD, I thought this is awesome because you can pack so many on the road and the cases don’t dent. Sometimes the VHS would go through the X-ray machine at the airport and get messed up. And you’d sell ‘em all and they’d bring ‘em back to you which was a nightmare. With the Internet, I was like, life’s going to change forever.”

Now that her popularity has skyrocketed, thanks to the Internet, she has this to say:

“When you get recognized as a porn star it’s different; there’s something that happens in the guy’s face that’s different- there’s something of pleasure that comes over the eyes.”

She talked about how she likes to walk up to random guys at the airport and begin flirting to see their various reactions.

It was suggested that she’s probably at the height, now, of her popularity with her prominence on the Internet.

“It hard to say that about yourself,” she commented, “but I notice that I get recognized more in regular situations. I don’t search the numbers but I know that the MILF generation is so huge right now – it’s cool think that I’m super popular right now. It’s awesome.”

By Internet standards, her first MILF scene was shot in 2005.

“It’s funny,” she says.

“When I was 20 getting into the business, we wondered where all the older porno girls go. There was no MILF genre yet.” Though the genre now seems to be encompassing girls in their mid Twenties.

“I feel that a lot of girls who are 25, 26 and are already on a MILF boxcover, I know they’re like I don’t want to be on the boxcover just yet.
But it’s exciting for me.”

Perhaps it’s not much of an exaggeration but Lisa Ann also mentions that she’s outgrown the 70 year-old serial killer who seems to be gravitating towards the younger porn performers while it’s now the “young, hot amazing guys” who are embracing the MILF genre.

Lisa Ann’s career began in strip clubs when she danced at the age of 16 with fake ID.

“Once I got legit I was able to work at a really good club in Reading, Pennsylvania. It was Al’s Diamond Cabaret. And Al had different porn stars coming in every week.

“So here I was dancing, thinking this is cool. These girls are shooting films, living in LA; they’re traveling all over the world. They were making crazy money back then because there was only about ten really well known porn stars. It was the beginning of them doing personal appearances. It was amazing.

“I began asking them little questions and interviewing them: what should I do and how should I do this. This being pre-Internet I wrote by mail to all the companies out here in the business. I kept that going for six months to a year and set up some meetings.”

With the magazine business in an irretrievable slump, Lisa Ann remembers when that aspect of the porn business used to be really big.

“I’d be at the stands checking out where all my layouts were because you never knew when they were coming out; and it was so exciting to find your stuff. But magazines have gone a bit.

“There’s still a big DVD audience, bigger than what people think. There’s still that generation of people who don’t trust the Internet. There’s also people who have families and a shared computer. There’s a lot of different scenarios why people would buy DVDs. But definitely the Internet is taking over everything and we’re more well known than ever.

“If you’re willing to do personal appearances, more people know who you are. When I go to a club, now, I pack the club. It’s so exciting because everyone’s making money. The waitresses are busy, and the club owners are going the Internet is pretty powerful- everyone’s here. It’s great.”

Lisa Ann said it’s fun especially going into a little city and being able to tear it up.

“When I get in a car- if it’s a new club- I go, don’t worry. We’re killing it this weekend. Just put it out there. Then I get there and there’s a line outside. That’s so powerful to bring in income city by city.”

She tries to schedule at least 40 to 45 weekends a year on tour and store appearances.

“If I go out I know it’s ‘game-on.’ I’m prepared to take pictures [with fans]. It just blows their minds. That’s a good sign if a porn star walks over to you and does some photos.”

She takes the same approach even if she’s at an airport and spots guys in a group.

“I’ll walk up to them and go, so where you guys headed this trip? I think this is the sign of an epic weekend. What do you guys have planned? It’s fun for me and very entertaining.”

What she finds particularly amusing is that she’ll attend Lakers games where 14 and 15 year-old kids approach her.

“How is that you know who I am? They click the box.” [The over 18 box to get on an adult site.]

As advice, Lisa Ann says it’s extremely important to a career to keep up with social networking.

“I started my fan club doing a monthly mailer. I would sit on the living room floor. I’d print shop and send out these little newsletters and I would send them out and answer every one. I did this by hand.

“So when the Internet provided us with such easy sources to be able to communicate with our fans, to me it’s a no-brainer because I remember stuffing envelopes and labels…it’s a commitment, but it can be a bit overwhelming like there’s some days when you want to lay all day.”

“And it’s great, too, because I’ll put certain fans on my guest list at the club, and the manager will come get me to greet them at the door. It allows me to give people a lot more personal attention.”

Regarding romantic, relationships, Lisa Ann says she decided not to have any for the duration of her porn career. Instead, she has an extended booty call.

“The business has provided me with a kind of excuse to not have to get serious with anyone. I’ve only been in one whole serious relationship my whole life. What I do is I have a nice little roster of guys who live all over the US.

“I get to visit them when I’m on the road doing different things. My rule is if you get married or get in a serious relationship we got to end it. I don’t want any drama. I don’t want anyone keying my car. I just keep it fun.

“I can only invite people in my world that accept what I do,” she continues.

“Because there’s no way now with Twitter. When you’re tweeting about your scenes you can’t have some guy giving you attitude – ‘I don’t want you talking about that.’ This is not going to work for me. That doesn’t compute with me. I like being single, too, I will admit.”

Lisa Ann says she always thought she’d leave the business at the age of 40. But she’s already turned 40.

“I’m so not ready to go; I am working on other things.”

When it was suggested that Lisa Ann looks better at her age then a lot of LA girls in their Twenties, she commented, “You think they had a rough paper route?”

“I didn’t drink till I was 30,” she offers.

“And I only drink once in awhile now. I don’t drink when I’m dancing and I work a lot. I might drink with my friends one weekend every six or so weeks and I think partying really wears on a girl.”

On another topic, she mentions that she had a talent agency for several years and assumed everyone was like her.

“You got up and you went to work on time; you had yourself prepared and were happy to make this kind of money and live this exciting life. That’s not the case.

“People are flaky and they’re late and they cancel and they’re a mess. There’s drama. You have this great opportunity but not everybody sees things that way.”

Lisa Ann says she also learned the lesson about diversification when she experienced her first HIV scare in 1997.

“I took a little break from the business and what I learned at that time was for the girls who aren’t prepared with feature dancing and personal appearances and store signings, they have no work. If the business shuts down for 90 days to 6 months they’re sitting there with no work.”

With her philosophy she says everything stays so fresh for her and she doesn’t burn out.

“I’m not shooting five days a week. I’m shooting five days a month and then I’m on the road 15 days a month then doing signings three days a month.”

She also does a weekly live show for her site.

“The first hour we just talk; I’ll have a couple thousand people in the [chat] room; we have a nice amount of monitors set up. We talk sports, we talk news, it’s just ridiculous. I sit there with my blueberries, I eat, do whatever, then the last is a solo masturbation show.”

When she’s working on set Lisa Ann says she tries not to masturbate prior.

“But sometimes I have to because there are certain people on set who irritate me. If I know they’re going to be around I have to get one out ahead of time so I’m a little more mellow. I can be a little bit chippy when I haven’t rubbed one out first thing in the morning.”

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