Lisa Ann Visits Howard Stern; Fake ID began Her Stripping Career

from – After the break Howard came right back and had porn star Lisa Ann come in. Howard said JD is in love with her. Howard said JD has been trying to get into her pants but it’s only led to the Friend Zone. Howard had Lisa Ann come in.

Howard said that he can see why JD is so taken with her. Howard asked how she got into porn. Lisa said that she was a Snapple girl for Howard when she was 18 or 19 years old when Howard was on WWOR. Lisa said she had big hair back then.

Howard asked if Lisa was very sexually active. She started stripping at 16. She said she had a fake ID to do that. She said she was about 17 when she did her first gang bang. Howard said he wouldn’t want to be in the room with other guys while they’re banging her. Lisa said that was the problem.

Howard said Lisa played Sarah Palin in the movie ”Nailin’ Palin.” Lisa said she had a good fun four years showing up at places as Sarah Palin. She said she was at the Doll House in Tampa last year and she dressed up as Palin. She said that she was answering a lot of serious questions as her.

Howard said he likes to beat off to baby sitter porn. He asked if she’s done any of that. Lisa said she has been the mother where she finds the baby sitter having sex with a boy. Howard said they actually have a clip. They played that and Howard said he has to watch that. Howard said the baby sitter in the porn he watched last night looked like she was 40. Lisa said she’s 41 now. Howard said she looks young. He said she doesn’t look old. Lisa said she doesn’t party. She said that hasn’t consumed her. She said she likes to eat good food and things like that.

Howard asked Lisa about the MILF porn she’s doing. She said that’s a big thing now. She said that she took a break for a while from the porn. She said she was feature dancing for a while. Lisa said that there was an HIV scare in 1997 so she took some time off. Howard said there was another scare just recently. Lisa said that it is something you think about all the time. He said there is that risk but you have to take it.

Howard asked why people don’t want to see the condoms in porn. Lisa said she thinks it’s something about what we’re used to in this country. She said it is different in Europe.

Howard said Lisa tried to get her own gang bang going at 17 but that was a failure. Lisa said everyone came over but no one did a good job. She said it was a good lesson. He said she learned that everything guys say they can’t follow through with. Howard said he can’t bang a woman with other guys in a room. Howard said he has no desire to watch a guy bang a chick before he bangs her.

Howard asked what’s going on with JD and Lisa. Lisa said she’s into fantasy football. Howard asked her some questions about football to find out if she’s really into football. Lisa claims she is. Howard asked her a few and she did know a lot more than he thought she would. Howard said he was impressed.

Howard said he guesses it’s a real thing. Lisa said she’s starting her own Fantasy Football show on Sirius soon. Howard said he thought it was all bullshit but she does seem to know about it. Lisa said Pilar Larstra is another one who is into it. Howard said Will felt that she wasn’t into it. Lisa said she didn’t know that. She said she thought Pilar was really good.

Lisa said that she likes fantasy basketball more than football but she is into the football thing too. Howard asked if she’s into it for the money. Lisa said it can be exciting to play and have your own team and not be so upset about your real team losing.

Howard had JD come in. Howard said it’s kind of pathetic the way he handles this whole thing. Robin said it’s like JD has a fantasy relationship. Howard said he has a while fantasy life. Howard said that Lisa is looking at JD like she wants to find him attractive but she can’t. Howard said she must have like 50 guys in her life. Lisa said she has had a lot of guys but she’s dating one guy right now. She said that she’s still shooting and doing other things right now so she can’t make JD her man. Howard said she could make him her 51st guy.

JD said he knows that she works in adult films. He said that’s fine. JD said he tries to stay out of the friend zone. He said that he’ll ask what’s going on and what’s up. JD said with Lisa he went a different way because he figured that guys are trying to fuck her all the time. Howard asked how often they write. Lisa said they’ll write 3-5 days a week and they’ll sometimes go back and forth for an hour or so. Howard asked if she has ever sexted with him. She said she has not. She said she doesn’t charge him either. JD said nothing sexual has gone on. JD said he’s still going after other girls too. He said he’s not trying to make anything happen with Lisa.

Howard said JD wanted to get Lisa on their fantasy football league. JD said he wanted to look at her at their meetings.

Robin said she feels sad for JD. She said this is a pipe dream and he’s wasting his time. JD said he wastes his time with a lot of other things. Howard asked if he could date Lisa Ann. JD said he’d like to try. Howard asked if he thinks he could marry her. JD said he doesn’t know her that well. Lisa said she has no criminal record and no DUIs or anything like that. JD said that’s fine so lets go get married.

Howard asked what turns him on about her. JD said she has a great body and she’s beautiful. He said that’s what he likes about her.

Howard asked if she does the same stuff in her real life that she does in porn. Lisa said her life is very ordinary. She said she doesn’t do the same thing in her real life that she does in porn. Lisa said that she’d be into some of the stuff depending on how good the guy is. JD said he’s been told he’s good at oral. Howard said most chicks tell him that he doesn’t have to do that and they just want to fuck.

Howard asked Lisa about doing Chris Brown. Lisa said he’s pretty well endowed. She said that his cock is pretty big. Howard asked if he’s as big as Mandingo. Lisa said no one is as big as him other than John Salley. She said she was in pain the time she had sex with him. She said that there is no putting it in your mouth because it’s so big. She said that she’ll ask him to do scenes with her but he won’t do it.

Howard asked Lisa more about Chris Brown and why she thinks Rihanna goes back to him. Lisa said she has seen that a lot with women. She said that if they go back they know what they’re in for. Lisa said she was with Chris pre-beating.

Howard asked if 6 inches is too little for her now. She said it’s really not. She said that you just enjoy that six inches. Howard asked what her boyfriend has. She said she didn’t want to say. Howard asked if he’s famous. Lisa said she’s not saying. She said they’ve only been on a few dates and she’s not going to say who it is. She said it’s possible they could know who it is. She said that she made him dinner yesterday. Howard asked if he knows that she’s a porn star. She said he does. Howard asked if he has banged her. She said he has.

Howard asked about Chris Brown and if his penis hurt her. She said that it wasn’t as thick as John Salley. She said that she’s not sure how his wife could take it. She said that he has kids. Howard asked how much of it he was able to put in her. She said that it’s about 1/8th of it. Howard said that thing must be huge. Howard asked if that’s satisfying to her. Lisa said it was more of a freakish thing than anything.

Gary came in and said that JD is all over the place with this subject. He said that JD says he doesn’t want to date porn chicks because regular chicks aren’t into that. JD said that he’s very realistic in the sense that she’s not looking to date him. Gary said that he’s willing to have sex with her though. JD said there is a stigma. Lisa said that they talk so casually together and they have a great rapport. She said all of her friends tell her to just have sex with him. She said they can’t do that though. She said she does have a TV night planned with him though.

Howard asked if she’s been offered money. Lisa said she was offered $200,000 to have sex. She said that she didn’t do it. Howard said that’s wild. He asked if she’s a millionaire. She said she might be. Howard asked how she does that. She said she has a lot of things going on. She said she brought in a Fleshlight for JD. She said she’s giving JD her vagina this time. Next time she’ll give him her vagina and ass. JD said he has tried them before but there’s something really weird about it. Howard said guys can use their hand and it’s just as good.

Howard gave Lisa some plugs and said you can hear her show ”Lisa Does Fantasy” on September 9 on channel 210 on Sirius and 87 on XM. Howard said her movie MILF Revolution is also out.

Howard asked if Lisa does gang bangs. She said she just did one called ”Lisa Ann’s Black Out.” She said that maybe she should do a fantasy auction league and have someone win all. She said that way JD could possibly win sex with her. JD said he doesn’t like auction leagues. Howard said if he loses then John Salley would have to bang him.

Howard said he’s not sure what JD is doing with this girl. He said she’s obviously sending out the wrong signals.

Howard asked JD how many times he’s beaten off to her. JD said he watched a porno of her’s this weekend and he didn’t have the right feelings toward her. He said that he didn’t want to jerk off to her. Lisa said that he has written to her saying that he had just jerked off. JD said that hasn’t happened. Lisa said he has drunk texted her at least once. JD said he’s a single guy so what is he supposed to do?

Howard gave Lisa some more plugs and asked if the guys in the fantasy league were interviewed for 60 Minutes. JD said they were doing a story about Matthew Berry. Gary said JD came in a suit that looked like it was balled up in a corner so Tiki Barber was goofing on him and that should air on CBS Sports. JD said he can’t wait for that to happen.

Howard asked if Lisa would let JD call her and jerk off to her. Lisa said he does that with other girls but he won’t be doing that with her. Howard wished JD luck with that whole thing. Howard asked if her boyfriend is jealous of JD. Lisa just laughed. JD told her she didn’t have to laugh that hard.

Howard gave Lisa another plug for her movie MILF Revolution and said you can download it at You can follow her on Twitter @TheRealLisaAnn.

Howard said maybe Lisa can give JD a blow job or something. Lisa asked how long he thinks he could last. JD didn’t get a chance to answer. They were goofing on him so much he didn’t get a chance. Robin wondered if he would want to follow John Salley after hearing that story. Howard said that JD has a pretty big penis from what he’s heard. Lisa said that JD has his own style that is very Larry David-esque. Howard asked if she wanted to smell under his balls. Lisa asked JD if he’s alright. JD said he’s fine. Howard asked if she’s sniff his balls. She said she’s not going to do that. Howard asked if she would just blow some wind on his balls. JD said he’s not going to do that. Howard said he thinks that he’d cum if she just blew some wind on his balls.

Howard asked JD to lay next to her on the couch. JD said he didn’t want to do that. JD went over to the couch to get some stuff that she brought him. Howard said he bets he’ll blow a load just sitting with her. JD said he’s not getting a boner. Howard said JD’s head is like 3 times the size of her’s. She said it must be full of brains.

JD wasn’t having a good time with everyone sitting around watching. Howard said she was rubbing his man boobs. He asked what cup size he was. JD said he’s done. He told her no more poking. Howard asked if he’s hard. JD said that he’s not. He did have something hard in his pocket that turned out to be a pen. JD said he had a work ID and a Metro card in there too.

Howard wrapped up with Lisa and said JD got some physical contact there. He said that was good. JD said that was fine. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.


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