Lisa Sparxxx Interviewed

Porn Valley- Lisa Sparxxx, was on The Young & The Curious Show, Friday night. In making the introductions, Jason Sechrest said he could smell Sparxxx from a mile away then added it was her perfume responsible for that.

“Her pussy smells wonderful and I would know,” he said. Asked how she was, Sparxxx said she was fine now that Sechrest outted her about stinky pussy. Sechrest explained that he was trying to give her a proper introduction.

“I could have said you were the gangbang queen,” he told her. “Is it better to say I’ve been gangbanged by 350 men?” Sparxxx corrected him to say it was 919 that she did in Pland for a world record and that her pussy didn’t stink.

“It smells like roses, baby” she told Sechrest, explaining that there were multiples, and maybe during her quest for the record there was a total of 350 guys.

“It was almost two years ago already,” she said. Jason was talking about his lube of choice for getting butt fucked and Sparxxx said it takes a day for her ass to get back to normal after an anal scene.

“You’re going around saying gosh I wish my ass felt like it did before I woke up.”

Sparxxx mentioned that the last guy she took in the ass had the thickness of a coke can.

“I swear to God and I forgot how big his dick was- I almost cried.” Sparxxx totally forgot about how big this guy was and he went straight into her ass.

“I had tears rolling down my eyes,” she noted. Sechrest then recalled how he met Sparxxx- it was the time he had this straight guy come in at Porn Star Karaoke and Sechrest hit on him

“I was all done up in crazy makeup and I was doing three different numbers that night that I had rehearsed and choreography for,” Sechrest recalled.

“And there was this guy who wandered in the bar. Nobody really knew who he was. He wasn’t a porn star or anything. He was so straight, straight, straight, straight; but he was drunk, drunk, drunk. He just came up to me and said you’re funny. You’re a fuckin’ fag but at least you’re funny. I’m like yes I am. I go how would you like to have sex with a porn star? ‘You can hook me up with a porn star?’ I’m like, dude, I can do anything for you. But I’ll have to be able to suck your dick.”

Sechrest said the guy first got all hot under the color but then wanted to know who the porn star was.

According to Sechrest , people told him that Sparxxx would do it but he didn’t know her at the time to ask.

“Every person I asked who said no was just go ask Lisa,” Sechrest laughed. “Lisa will do anything.” Sechrest said he later ran into Sparxxx and asked if she could be persuaded to indulge this little threeway that he had in mine.

“I was drunk as well,” Sparxxx said. Sechrest went on to describe how they wound up doing it in the mensroom at Sardos.

“It didn’t end in the bathroom,” Sparxxx recalled. “We went to a friend of mine’s studio. And we ended up in a jail cell.” Sechrest explained that it was a jail cell set. According to Sechrest, he and Sparxxx ended up making out.

“We had fun,” said Sparxxx, corroborating the details. “I know we were making out like crazy and we got over that guy. We weren’t even caring about him because he couldn’t cum.” Sechrest said the guy was pretty straight but probably never had anyone eat his ass before.

“And I knew I had a limited amount of time before he freaked out that I was eating his ass!”

Sechrest said he had to cum before the guy sobered up to ask what Sechrest was doing with a tongue and a finger in his ass.

“Then we kicked him out,” added Sparxxx. “Bye- there’s the door!”

Sechrest remembered kissing Sparxxx and she said they made out but couldn’t remember anything else.

“we talked about it for the next couple of weeks.”

Sechrest said it had been so long since he had kissed a girl.

“And it felt so different,” he said. “It can’t be compared. It was like kissing a Mariah Carey song. I’m used to kissing a Tommy Lee song or an Eminem song. It was very much melting and buttery and butterflies and glitter and rainbows and honey. And Tommy Matola was standing in the background somewhere. It was fantastic.”

Sechrest also recalled something about Sparxxx telling him at the end of the night that she wanted to hire him as her publicist and give him a check.

“I just got paid to have sex with a straight man with Lisa Sparxxx,” said Sechrest. “After performing for like a crowded bar, I’m like this is the best night of my life. Things don’t get better than this.”

Sparxxx then showed her tits noting that she had 38 DD’s.

“You’e kidding and no surgery- those are real?” co-host Sam Phillips asked.

After a commercial break, Sechrest announced that he had a trailer for his directorial debut. But it wasn’t the first movie he directed. Sechrest shot a movie for his own company which was a big budgeted feature but it’s still in editing. The movie he shot for Lexington Steele’s gay company Black Viking, happened to come out first, making it technically, his directorial debut. Sechrest explained that the movie is called My First Interracial.

“It’s sort of gay gonzo- something that hasn’t been done yet,” Sechrest went on to say. “They do it in the straight porn world; but they don’t do it in the gay porn world. It’s called My First Interracial because it’s a lot of boys who have big names in the industry but have never had sex with a black guy on camera. Some have never had sex with a black guy at all.”

To do the movie, Sechrest said he studied both Lexington Steele’s style as well as Evil Angel’s figuring they were the leaders in gonzo entertainment.

“I wanted to bring to this movie what they do in straight porn because straight porn is much more exciting than gay porn,” Sechrest said. “There’s more going on. There’s crazy positions. There’s intensity. There’s heat. They talk to the camera. You feel involved as a viewer. And as a director I wanted to make a name for myself immediately.”

Sparxxx was of the opinion that his method will work.

Asked what was coming out from her own company, Sparxxx said she was doing Head Clinic volume 2 but has to change the spelling because she doesn’t technically own it.

“The first one I did was with a partner and we’re no longer partners,” she said, noting that she’d probably be spelling “clinic” with k’s.

“It’s coming out in June right before Erotica LA.” Other than that, Sparxxx said she’s been shooting mostly for everyone else and got to lick her first big time man-ass.

“Tom Byron,” she said, noting that Byron’s got a nice ass. Sparxxx shot the movie for Seymore Butts and the girl in the scene said she wasn’t licking man-ass.

“They looked at me and I said I’m taking one for the team. I don’t like to do that. I’m not a big ass licker. But I was okay with it but you could tell he liked it. I have never seen an ass as clean as his. Never.” Sechrest said gay guys were pretty good about keeping their asses clean.

“If you’re living in a gay part of town- you never know when you’re going to be dragged behind an alley,” said Sechrest. “And you want to make sure you’re clean.”

Someone in the chat room than said they saw Sparxxx in a movie with Mr. Marcus. Sparxxx said she was never in a movie with Marcus but only on KSEX. Asked if she ever worked with Sean Michaels, Sparxxx said twice but they were only blowjob scenes.

“And they’ve never been put on film,” she said, noting that you can find them in the members’ area on her website. Sparxxx said she was certainly a fan of interracial and that all of her website is interracial.

“But now Sean and I are good friends and we can’t do a scene together,” she continued. “I would literally have to pay him big bucks to do a movie with him. He’s, like, you’re my family, now.”

According to Sparxxx, the next movie she does for her company, she wants Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele and Sean Michaels.

“I’m going to try to get every major porn star in one movie with me. That one’s going to cost us a ton of money.”

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