LMAO @ Brad Armstrong-Rodney Hopkins Claiming He Gets 10’s

There was a claim made over Twitter last week by Brad Armstrong real name Rodney Hopkins that he scores 8’s through 10’s and he claimed the Donny Long Girls were all 3’s and 4’s. This was after Rodney’s cliche ladyboy/Thailand jokes. Perhaps Rodney should tell his buddy Christianx what he thinks of his lifestyle of gay sex with ladyboys in Thailand as the Trannyfucker works with trannies there several times a year and has admitted to having to turn away many due to the fact that they have AIDS. Anyway, this is what this fool Hopkins is married to:


We would be generous to give her a 5, Rodney. I don’t think a single Donny Long Girl is over the age of 25 but Hopkins thinks his 50 year old wife is an 8 or a 10? Sure…


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