Logan Pierce Suspects Maybe he Was Used in the Measure B Suit; Imagine That, He’s Just an Actor Playing a Part

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Porn performer Logan Pierce’s name appears on the Vivid Measure B lawsuit. Pierce interviewed with Jacob Weis at www.projectwordsworth.com www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=58715

Pierce said he was all enthusiastic after the suit was filed, but, months later, “I haven’t heard dick from those people. Not one word from those lawyers since my name was written on that bill.”

“After all the frantic fundraising, press calls, wide-eyed commercials series, ‘Vote No On B’ bannered buses, solemn Ron Jeremy YouTube spots, swarms of platinum-blonde and goateed picketers in front of Hustler Hollywood chanting ‘Keep my wienie free/ No on Measure B,’ countless interviews and tweets and retweets by everyone from M.I.L.F.-niche-staple Lisa Ann to perpetually eye-brow-cocked porn boy toy James Deen; and after hiring Paul Cambria —who don’t come cheap — porn has done nothing?
Seems not.

Weis suggests to Pierce that maybe it was all a ruse and “a firestorm of feigned outrage.”

“Because outrage is interesting and what’s interesting grabs eyes. What if porn’s lawsuit against Measure B was never a fight the industry planned on winning—or even seriously waging?”

[I’ve been saying this all along. I just like reading it coming out of the mouth of another individual.]

“I honestly wouldn’t put it past them,” Pierce tells Weis.

“Once the phone stopped ringing with Cambria or Vivid C.E.O. Steven Hirsch on the line, vetting Pierce to make sure he ‘wasn’t a moron, didn’t represent them poorly,’ he says, Pierce’s righteous chest deflated. He wondered why a kid who’d just entered the industry was entrusted such a representative role.

“What about the guys that have been in porn for 20 years? Shouldn’t they have a voice?” he asked himself.

“Pierce took the role— ‘which was casted for, by the way; Vivid wanted one female and one male,’ Pierce tells me —not because he was brave, but naïve.

“Pierce now suspects his bosses ‘just wanted something on paper that they could spit out and make into a public statement.’

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