Lookie Here, Lookie Here: CET Screens for Hep

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Cutting Edge Testing declares Hepatitis Awareness Month. They decided to start today and extended it for a month and a half. So from June 14, through July 31, Cutting Edge Testing will be screening for Hepatitis Bs Antigen and Hepatitis C Antibody to be included with the regular talent panel at no additional charge.

Also, because of the need to understand the consequences of a positive test if one should arise, there is a physician on site at Cutting Edge Testing to discuss these findings with talent.

Performers needing to be tested are asked to call the CET main office in Sherman Oaks at 818-386-2132 to find the closest draw station near you. So far there are draw stations in Phoenix AZ, Seattle WA, Orlando FL, and many others places around the country. There will normally be a 48 hour turn around for testing at these draw stations.

The main Sherman Oaks office has a 24 hour turn around and a physician is on site at the Sherman Oaks location.

Cutting Edge Testing offers the FDA approved Aptima HIV testing which is APHSS approved. This is the new accepted “Industry Standard” test package (urine gonorrhea, chlamydia, Treponema Pallidum Antibodies (trep sure syphilis) and Aptima HIV testing) with Hepatitis Bs Antigen and C Antibody screening starting June 14 and ending July 31.

Both Hepatitis Bs Antigen and Hepatitis C antibody will be screened even though Hepatitis C is very rarely transmitted through sexual contact. The regular panel is still the same price and includes screening for Hepatitis Bs Antigen and Hepatitis C Antibody at no additional cost.

On their website Cutting Edge Testing says, “We offer the most current and accurate testing methods available today. The center is overseen by renown infectious disease specialist, Peter V. W. Miao, MD [Pronounced “Me-ow”] Dr. Miao has over 30 years of clinical HIV experience. Our goal is to detect the presence of HIV as early as possible to prevent the spread of the disease.”

See the Cutting Edge Testing website for more information. If anyone has questions or concerns please feel free to contact Cutting Edge Testing at 818-386-2132. Cutting Edge Testing has highly trained staff members to help answer any questions.

Cutting Edge Testing, CA
5000 Van Nuys Blvd suite 202
Sherman Oaks CA 91403
Phone: 818-386-2132
Fax: 818-386-9827
Email: Info@CuttingEdgeTesting.com


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