Looking Ahead: Dave Cummings Has His Funeral Pre-Paid

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Dave Cummings writes: I absolutely love being a porn star, and living in San Diego. Yes, the porn world is focused around the San Fernando Valley area northwest of Los Angeles, which for many years has caused me to put up with the drive to and from there for shoots.

I’m now into my 19th year of being an adult film performer, so I’ve driven a lot to Los Angeles and back to San Diego. Because of piracy, filming has slowed to a trickle of what it was in years past, so while the number of trips has ebbed the drive remains arduous. I’m fortunate to escape Los Angeles after shoots, meetings, and social events to go home to SAN DIEGO. Whew!

I have no reason to badmouth Los Angeles, other than the constant heavy
traffic 24-7. In fact, I’ve gotten lots of great sex there “working with”
beautiful porn girls, and was well paid for doing so. I have many friends
and acquaintances there, as well as sexually-related memories that are hard
to believe that they really happened, rather than being just another of the
many sex dreams I so often have (I hate waking up in the middle of the night needing to empty my bladder, but having to first stand in front of the toilet coaxing my erection to soften so I can better aim my Irish-Italian penis into the toilet).

Sometimes, to get back to sleep I use a “masturbation” pill, i.e., my hand. To me, the next best thing to hot sex is the safe sex of masturbation in my condo of 20 years where the San Diego weather is relatively nice, the girls are beautiful, and the groupie coeds are all over the city. In this election season, I vote “YES” on SAN DIEGO!

Do I dream a lot about sex? Yup, indeed I do. I also often dream about my 25 years in the U.S. Army, and some of those dreams seem so real that I feel like I’m still on active duty. Runs and fun associated with the Hash House Harriers running club make up some of my dreams, and of course family-related dreams abound, too. Likewise, swinging enters into my favorite dreams, as well. A LOT of swinging happens in guess where—that’s
right, SAN DIEGO!

San Diego recently had its first rain in the last five months. The normally
nice weather brings out lots of females, especially along the massive beach
areas. I love to be fantasizing about some past sex-related happening, only
to have my eyes unexpectedly diverted to some present sights of nearby
female flesh in skimpy bikini wear. I love living in SAN DIEGO.

The military population of San Diego is high, both in service members and
families. I am thankful to the military, and appreciate them being here.
When I’m at one of the many military bases, I feel especially happy. I can
leave my car unlocked and/or the windows rolled down without giving it a
second thought.

Military people are genuinely pleasant and helpful, and I’ve noted over the years that the civilian employees seem to have picked up those fine attributes. Everyone cares. The city looks out for its citizens, including its military population, and people seem content and thankful to live in SAN DIEGO.

Almost every day, I continue to do my brisk walks at the beach “boardwalk”.
Over the 23 years of living here, I’ve built up to at least 30-miles a week, plus doing some of the almost daily Hash House Harrier runs where we call ourselves beer-drinkers with a running problem. Quite often, our community minded female runners deal with daily stress by flashing their breasts during the runs, and at the finish location where food and beverages are available. You know what rocks? SAN DIEGO.

I love this city, the people, the scenery, the weather, the cleanliness, and the relaxed living so much that I recently signed a contract and started pre-paying for my funeral and burial to be in San Diego where a beautiful new Veterans National Cemetery has opened not far from the end of the Marine Air Station runway. Now, if only I could figure out a way to periodically rise from the dead to service the groupie coeds, and the swinger ladies here in SAN DIEGO.

Time jets by and, before we know it, Xmas music will again be heard in the
malls and on the radios. I know how constantly busy many of you are in your
daily lives, but I urge you to take some spur-of-the-moment time to relax,
de-stress, and do nothing. Sex is a great way to relieve stress, obtain
follow-on focus, and to just service your individual desires. Bottom line,
be nice to yourself, smile happily within yourself, and experience the joy
of being nice to others. Oh, just because summer is over, don’t forget to
STILL use sun block outdoors.

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