Looking for the Souce of European Syphilis? Ya Think Maybe Dubai

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Rocco Siffredi calls it the biggest mess he’s ever seen as the syphilis outbreak in Europe may have infected as many as 100 porn performers and more.

“We have a lot of positives for syphilis. We don’t really know where this came from, but I’m pretty sure it came from Russia before it came to Budapest in July,” Rocco told XBiz.

Let’s try this one, Rock. Dubai. Porn girls are flown there weekly and get paid handsome sums to take it in the ass from young sheiks looks for kicks. Here’s Kacey Jordan’s account from an interview she gave Howard Stern:

February, 2011- Kacey told Howard about how she got a ton of money from a guy overseas. She said that the guy paid her like $30,000. Howard asked what kind of guy does that. She said that this guy keeps the house really cold because you’re not allowed to sweat on the guy. She said that she was kind of freaked out by the turbans that they wear constantly over there. She said that she was kept there for 8 days. She said that he owned the hotel and he owned the airline that she flew on. Kacey said that it was very nice over there and she stayed in this hotel that’s the only 7 star hotel in the world. She said that’s all she knows about it. She didn’t remember the name of it.

Kacey told Howard that they had a lot of girls over there and they were staying in rooms together. She said there were 3-4 girls per room. She said one of the girls was really cunty. She said that she hooked up with one of the girls even though she’s straight. She said she got drunk and this girl ate her out and everything.

Howard asked about this guy that flew her over there and if she met him the first day. She said they didn’t meet him for like 3 days. She said they’re on call over there so they had to be home by 8 every night. She said the girls would drink and just hang out while they waited for this guy. Howard asked if they were all naked walking around. She said that they were. She said they were taking pictures and they were just naked all the time. Kacey said that she keeps her legs wide open when she’s on the couch too and she doesn’t care.

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