Lopsided Victories in AdultFYI Football Pool Week #7 Schedule

There were at least seven lopsided games on the NFL schedule yesterday, and a couple of favorites didn’t win. All of which means if you went with the longshot, your rewards were probably great.

Mike Dickinson of www.freespeechrevolution did just that and walked away with an 11-1 record, thus gaining three games in the overall standings with the leadings coming in at 8-4. Jeff Mullen, Tim Case, Steve from Magnus Video and 0 & 16 Chuck also gained ground by going 10-2.

The Eagles play Washi9ngton Monday night.

from www.latimes.com : New England 35, Tampa Bay 7: In London, the touchdown drives are always on the wrong side of the field.

at Cincinnati 45, Chicago 10: Note to Bears: When you let one of your No. 1 picks go, make sure it’s not to a team you play soon.

San Diego 37, at Kansas City 7: The whole Matt Cassel acquisition isn’t working out the way the Chiefs imagined.

Indianapolis 42, at St. Louis 6: It was “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day,” but the Rams thought it was “Play Like Your Daughters Day.”

Green Bay 31, at Cleveland 3: Browns have a very logical reason for losing: They just aren’t very good.

at Houston 24, San Francisco 21: What happened to all of that ” Mike Singletary, coaching genius and master motivator” talk?

at Pittsburgh 27, Minnesota 17: Looks as if the Brett Favre end-of-season collapse is going to start early this season.

Buffalo 20, at Carolina 9: Panthers petition the NFL to award victories to the team with the most yards in the game.

N.Y. Jets 38, at Oakland 0: A confused Al Davis seeks out Joe Namath after the game to say he loved him on “The Brady Bunch” last week.

at Dallas 37, Atlanta 21: Even though he’s not on the team anymore, Terrell Owens angry after the game that Romo never looked his way.

New Orleans 46, at Miami 34: Dolphins don’t mind losing, because everyone knows that Miami is really a baseball town.

Arizona 24, at N.Y. Giants 17: Both teams were slowed by stragglers from the just-ended Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band concert.

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