Lori Lust featured in GENT magazine….

Porn Valley- The best body in the Industry is featured in this months December 2006 GENT issue.

GENT magazine spotted Lori Lust of www.lorilustxxx.com after the LA Erotica show and then used eleven pictures of Lori Lust to do a feature article in this months edition. Lori Lust used her promoter / photographer Craig Stevens to shoot all the pictures. Lori Lust has been in three magazines in the last two months. She said that there could be more if she had time to submit her pictures or travel out of state. Apparently one of the most versatile porn girls has so many directions going off at the same time it’s hard to keep up. Lori will be attending Glamour con November 18 th – 19 th and selling the new issue if you want it autographed. There also has been much talk about Lori’s Interview skills. The Show Time Channel and HBO apparently are reviewing her tapes she did with her friend Sunny Lane. The interviews did so well that they took first place on a major interview news site. Lori is known as having some of the best hosting skills in Porn. The talk is starting to get much attention from mainstream cable companies and reality shows. Either way if you put Lori in a magazine or in front of a microphone you can’t go wrong. The girl with the perfect body and dazzling personality will almost win anyone over after a few minutes.

All her interviewing skills from Howard Stern to Hosting Playboy and Red Carpet events are paying off in confidence and style.

Hard to find fearless Porn Stars with great microphone skills and a body to match.

Lori Lust is showing in many ways other then her looks why she is of great value for the porn community. Maybe if your not lucky enough to see Lori Lust Live you can at least get to see her in this issue of GENT magazine.

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