Loser Failure at EVERYTHING Michael Thomas Strother is JEALOUS and MAD! Calls for Murder of GOD

So after getting owned and failing and being embarrassed for the 38430284 time here

Fag Michael Thomas Strother aka Mike South gets owned AGAIN and runs blocks and hides AGAIN!

Mike South is now calling for the murder of God Long! LOL

It is burning Michael inside so hard that he cant take it anymore and is at a breaking point of wanting to commit murder to the people he is jealous of that didnt fail in porn like him.

Michael you been yelling this crap asking others to go harm Donny Long for over ten years and just like you have failed for the last ten years you are still failing. Why dont you go do it yourself you big fucking coward? Oh wait thats right, the shit in your wheelchair has got your ass stuck to the chair and the chair stuck to the floor to the point you cant move.

Here are Michael’s comments:

“It reminds me of Donny Long, and to a lesser degree Dave and Sean Tompkins, I would not be even a little surprised to learn that any of them but Donny in particular was murdered by someone who simply had had enough, law enforcement is slow if not disinterested and at some point someone will reach the breaking point and that will be that.”

“Just like porn and Donny Long there comes a time when you have to say if it takes throwing out the baby to get rid of this bath water then so be it, in the long run it will save many innocent lives.”

Then God Long tweets:

Michael CATCH!

For those of u that didnt know im making a fortune in porn and successful with all my sites unlike


    Two years tops. Disgruntle shamed and have yet to score a profit at anything. The Lone mope and duped dooche bag he is. Hey lets give Monica a Break for kicking Mike the Loose South just like everyone wants to but lacks the nerves.
    It takes Mike South the looser closet case mommy’s boy 15 years to gain 5k followers on twitter and still on one cares.
    Mike don’t you tickle the bull’s balls now ….Do you hear me Mike you

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