Low IQ hate blogger Monica Foster does not understand that PWL was SOLD, it did not “Fold”

Alexandra Mayers‏ 
I find it even more ironic that just as of yesterday, the primary vehicle that went to great lengths to define me (and my family) to the world as the N-WORD has suddenly folded…
Is it due to legalities OR due to my current project http:(LINK REMOVED we don’t promote Gay Mafia projects here)Hard to 1/2

First of all, SHE is an “n-word,” her professional parents worked, pay bills, own homes and pay taxes, everything she doesn’t do so they aren’t n-words. But why does she have a problem saying that word when she owned a web site called houseniggers.com, which was meant to shame black performers that she was jealous of?

Now as far as PWL “suddenly folding,” any idiot who visited that site in the past few months couldn’t miss the huge headline about the site being for sale. He asked for donations and said if people didn’t start donating, it was gone. When it was sold, the owner announced it on the forum and the members prepared for it to come down. This was not a surprise. It didn’t suddenly disappear. Then she goes on to give herself credit for taking it down, um, no, the porn site that wrote a big check to the owner of PWL is the one that took it down. If you look at the site now, it is as plain as day in their statement that they paid money and bought it.

No one cares about Monica Foster and she hasn’t made one bit of difference over the past 10 years. PWL came down becuse the owner didn’t want it anymore. There is nothing illegal about free speech and if he wanted to keep it, it would still be up.



  1. Monica Foster’s life will never change for the better even if PWL is gone!

    Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers will still be a SJW Liberal shill pedo-terrorist she always had been for a decade w/ $166,000+ dollar in court debts!

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