Lylith Lavey Suing Mr. Marcus

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The whiff of Georgia Pines you’re getting is the report on the moonshine website that performer Lylith Lavey is suing Mr. Marcus in a civil action. It’s only a matter of time before Diane Duke, Free Speech, Manwin and other porn entities will be drawn into similar suits.

Wasn’t Lavey repped by Bud Lee’s 101 Modeling? Why aren’t they being sued? And wasn’t it a Bang Bros. shoot? Why aren’t they being sued?

Depending who’s telling the story, Marcus went to work for Bang Bros., he’s saying June 24th, 2012. Bang Bros. is giving June 27th as the date of production in which the scene between Marcus and Lavey takes place.

Marcus had a rash on his genitals.

“I knew I had something going on down there, but I didn’t think it was a sexually transmitted disease,” Marcus told Nica Noelle in an interview.

“My thinking was still coming from the fact that it was a vitamin deficiency or stress-related.”

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