Man Charged with Recklessly Infecting Woman with HIV

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from – KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A man allegedly deceived a 30-year-old woman into believing that he was not infected with HIV, when in fact he knew he was. Jon W. Velasco was charged on Wednesday with one count of recklessly infecting another with HIV, a class A felony. Suspicion into Velasco began when the woman’s mandatory HIV screening for her employer came back positive in February of this year.

Court documents state that the woman contacted police on March 15 and said that she had engaged in unprotected sex with Velasco on several occasions between August of 2012 and the time she tested positive in February. She told police that Velasco was the only person she had sexual contact with between her testing dates.

Furthermore, she stated that Velasco had to know that he was infected because he had previously been incarcerated and HIV tests are mandatory for prisoners. When Velasco was released from prison in August of 2012 he had told the woman that he was not infected.

However, records from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services revealed that Velasco tested positive on April 30, 2012. Additional records from the Western Reception Diagnostic Correctional Center showed that he received HIV counseling and information from correctional center staff after a separate positive test on June 27, 2012.

When the woman initially confronted Velasco after her positive HIV test, he persisted with his assertion that he was not infected. She talked him into getting tested together and the pair went to a ‘free clinic’ where they both tested positive for HIV. When Velasco learned of the clinic results he reportedly broke off the relationship with the woman.

Velasco declined speak with detectives about the case without a lawyer after his arrest on Tuesday. He’s now being held in detention on a cash-only of $100,000, online court records don’t currently indicate his next court date.

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