Manwin Threatens To Close The Sword’s Affiliate Account Over Rocco Reed Coverage

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Rocco Reed retired from the business when Rob Black outed him:

from – Yesterday, a representative from straight porn conglomerate Manwin sent me the below email threatening to shut down The Sword’s affiliate account with their gay property,

In case you aren’t familiar, Manwin is the billion dollar straight porn conglomerate whose owner Fabian Thylmann was arrested in Belgium late last year on charges of tax evasion. Then in March, it was revealed that Manwin took $168 million from multiple Wall Street firms, causing investors to scramble.

A few weeks ago, their former exclusive Rocco Reed (who last year jumped from the company’s straight studios to their sole gay producer, blindsided them by announcing his retirement.

I was never a fan of Rocco Reed’s terrible performances, nor did I appreciate Manwin’s stupid and cynical idea to foist him on gay porn fans who, like me, are also sick to death of terrible gay-for-pay performers.

(In a recent poll, 70% of The Sword’s readers said they agreed with my opinion of Rocco Reed; the other 30% were no doubt Manwin employees in Ireland, Canada, and Luxembourg.)

Now, a Manwin representative named Chad Jeffery has sent the below email threatening The Sword.

Here is the email:

Hi Zach,

Did you ever see Perez Hilton talk about the heart-to-heart he had with Jennifer Aniston? She asked him, “why are you so mean”?

Zach, I would like to be your Jennifer Aniston. You are gratuitously mean to your competition and their models. After the last few Rocco Reed articles we have really begun to see you as a bully. You also have a habit of reveling in misfortunate (usually resulting from bad choices) of certain stars that makes it appear you really love to kick people when they’re down. Reading your coverage from the Grabby awards, it’s obvious that you have a great sense of humor and tons of creativity. You really don’t need to spend so much time hurting feelings and turning decent people into laughing stocks. Why are you so mean?

If we can’t have respectful coverage on your blog, I am going to have to close your affiliate account and ask you to not talk about us anymore. We have a sense of humor, but in an industry this small we feel like it’s important to take a small stand on behalf of the people that work with us.

What Chad Jeffrey apparently doesn’t understand is that even if he did close The Sword’s affiliate account with, that doesn’t mean The Sword would have to stop talking about Manwin or any of its properties. Sorry. It just means that The Sword wouldn’t be using affiliate links (and making $13 per sign-up) while doing so. Chad Jeffery also apparently doesn’t understand that for all of the unapologetically “mean” coverage of Rocco Reed, The Sword posted an exponential amount of overwhelmingly positive coverage of’s scenes with Tommy Defendi, Topher DiMaggio, Andrew Stark, Dale Cooper, Duncan Black, John Magnum, Jessie Colter, and Colby Keller, and even named Johnny Rapid the Face Of 2012. Oh well.

What kind of message does Manwin’s threat send to other bloggers who might want to actually review or criticize content? (Not that any other porn bloggers actually criticize anything.) I guess everyone better be “respectful” of Manwin, or else!

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