Manwin To Open Talent Agency in L.A.; Gianna Michaels To Run It; But It Could Be a Conflict of Interest

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from a thread on – Fabian is now going into the Talent Agent Business

It will be run by Gianna Michaels, Gianna currently works simultaneously for both Reality Kings as a booker / production manager and also as an agent for the unlicensed and unbonded talent agency Valley Babes owned by Lee Bang. Gianna was a model for Lee throughout her own modeling career.

The new agency will be housed at Reality Kings offices at:

1430 Strathern St, #K,
Canoga Park, CA 91304

Manwin has had a small agency in South Florida for a while now and they have been trying to buy agencies in L.A. but nobody would sell to them.

Attorney Michael Fattorosi posts: Under the Talent Agencies Act it would be a conflict of interest…

California Labor Code section 1700.40;

(b) No talent agency may refer an artist to any person, firm, or corporation in which the talent agency has a direct or indirect financial interest for other services to be rendered to the artist, including, but not limited to, photography, audition tapes, demonstration reels or similar materials, business management, personal management, coaching, dramatic school, casting or talent brochures, agency-client directories, or other printing.

(c) No talent agency may accept any referral fee or similar compensation from any person, association, or corporation providing services of any type expressly set forth in subdivision (b) to an artist under contract with the talent agency.

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