Manwin’s Cauldron of Blood; You’ve Been Paying $120 for a Test You Can get for Free

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The date of the Watergate break in was June 17, 1972. It toppled the Nixon presidency, but it took over two years of story after story reported by the Washington Post and scandal upon new scandal and televised hearings for that to happen. I believe the Free Speech Coalition will go down a lot quicker than that, but you never know.

If today’s news isn’t the clincher, then I’m just waiting for the photos of Diane Duke in the arms of another woman to emerge.

“I said kill Manwin by going at them locally,” stated Rob Black on his Tuesday show.

Now it’s being revealed that Cutting Edge Testing which is owned by Manwin is probably pooling blood. Slim Pickens had the story on his site today but I’ll break “pooling” down for you.

[To save money, labs do a practice called pooling. They combine blood tests into batches and run those. If a batch has a positive, they go back and deconstruct the pool and re-run individual samples. This is a common cost saving practice and is generally used when services are free or no cost to the client.

The problem is that performers are paying for an individual quantitative test but aren’t getting that. The difference between the two is this: when you pool test you reduce sensitivity which increases the window period by several days. A pooled RNA test has a window period from 12 – 20 days. An individual test has a window period from 7 – 14 days. These window periods can have dramatic effects for moratoriums and when you sound “all clear.”

The County of Los Angeles uses pooled RNA testing at all its sponsored clinics and service providers such as the Gay and Lesbian Center. At AHF you can get both the pooled RNA test (run at the county lab) or a p24 antigen/antibody testing (run in house) which gives us quicker results (48 hours).

All these tests are free.]

“I’ve been saying this. Manwin owns AVN locally and they own Cutting Edge,” Black continued.

“Stop going to Cutting Edge and stop advertising with AVN. That will kill Manwin with the investors who are looking for their money. My question is, is everyone that much of a douchebag that they go with the program? To me this whole idea of how they test our blood makes my knees buckle.

“Is this something TTS knew about and didn’t say anything? If Mike South, the blogger, if that blogger knew about this, why didn’t anyone tell anybody? My knees are weak thinking they test our blood together.

“Blood pooling. Jesus Christ I got to sit down. How is this not being talked about? I don’t get it. I really am baffled. Does this not bother anybody? Why have we been doing this? I am so fucking queazed out. I got to lay down!!

“A swab test and a condom is more safe than anything we do now,” Black concluded.

“Our industry said we want to fuck everybody we want and we’re going to take these foolproof tests, but, oh shit this is going to cost a lot of money. But here’s the other test – it’s cheap and better than nothing.

“The awesome test is too much, and you cheat for the money factor. You use less of a plan but everyone thinks it’s the best plan. If this is not a criminal investigation added to RICO I don’t know what is.

“I’m not a doctor. But I would trust getting an over the counter $60 HIV test and putting on a condom before doing a scene bareback having anyone test through Cutting Edge.

“It’s not a good test, but you’re being told it is. I can’t imagine how any doctor in America would tell you that pooling your blood for HIV is a better way than a doctor doing a one-on-one test with you.

“If it’s too much money and you can’t afford it, isn’t it an indication you shouldn’t be doing it [sex on camera]?”

Black used the analogy of doing a dangerous movie stunt with a cheap car to save money.

“Save the money and take a shot- who the fuck would do that?”

“They take all of our blood and put it in a cauldron of shit. If they get a positive and that gets the ball rolling. And that’s what you’re cool with.

“I picture John Stagliano with a mask on, stirring this big cauldron of blood. Maybe not with even a mask. Buttman stirring the Cutting Edge blood pool.

“Cutting Edge is creating blood pools so we all can have sex unprotected except when there’s a moratorium where Steve Hirsch can fly to Las Vegas and break the law. That is what we have- the Cutting Edge cauldron of pooled blood with John Stagliano swishing it. It really makes you wonder what is going on.

“It’s amusing with all this stuff and the fact that no one’s ever talked about this. Why is it no one’s ever told anything in our business? Doesn’t this bother you? They’re taking all of our blood and throwing it into a cauldron.

“How much is a blood pooling test and why is this test more expensive?” Black wanted to know.

“Doesn’t this bother anybody that after all these years of dealing with Christian Mann we’re finding out what they’re doing with our blood. We don’t know nothing.

“We have four people with HIV and we’re just starting to find these things out. Who’s known about this stuff? And why was nobody told? Mike South has all this awesome information that destroys Manwin so why has no one known about this?

“If Mike South has all this smoking gun information why wasn’t he divulging this months ago? If all these issues were out there why was nobody putting them up? I said to hit Manwin you got to hit Cutting Edge. No, instead, let’s talk about piracy, Scott Justice and Brett Rossi. We have so much filth going on, or, I guess Mike South was sitting on this for months.”

Regardless, Black said it was time to get off the Manwin train.

“If I had known anything about this testing and the costs I would have been out with this months ago.”

Black said people in this business have been fooled into thinking that your test was scrupulously examined with a magnifying glass only to have Stagliano mixing cauldrons of blood in a back room.

“Why else would you have people like South talking about how Free Speech is bad and this huge information is being kept quiet? Black asked.

“’Oh, Nobody needs to know about it.’ Really? Do all of you agree that nobody needs to know about how they’re drawing our blood and exactly what they’re doing and no one needs to know this?

“Am I the only one that finds this somewhat disturbing that people in this business have known about it, although no one will admit the truth about anything. If bloggers knew about this testing and blood pooling and this was going on- this is a question I need South to answer.

“Is this something they just found out? Then let’s get more information about it. To me this is exposing Manwin and enough about worrying about Manwin servers in countries where you have sex with young boys. You get Manwin here with Cutting Edge Testing, AVN, John Stagliano,, the whole group of them.

“That is the foundation we have to attack, and I applaud the people for starting that. I need to know who’s known about this procedure.”

Black then explained what I wrote earlier, that pooling is a cost saving practice but the problem is you’re paying for an individual test but are not getting that- you’re getting a cut rate test. And pooled tests give you less accuracy as far as windows are concerned. It has a dramatic effect when you say you’re cleared for a moratorium when you aren’t.

So essentially the talent are paying $120 to $140 for a test that is offered as a free county health service.

“I wish you would get your heads out of the asses of these people you’ve been listening to,” said Black.

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