Marc Randazza OWNS racist black supremacist @ElieNYC while Monica Foster waves the pom poms

Racist failure Monica Foster #Notmypornstar has been reduced to standing on the sidelines, eating fried chicken and waving the pom poms while Marc Randazza destroys fat black supremacists like this clown Elie Mystal, who, oh by the way, is so hateful that he actually roots for NFL players to get injured. Scum like this are Monica Foster’s heroes, which is why she hasn’t moved one inch in life in the past 10 years and never will accomplish a thing.

You would think this fat tub of shit could hit the gym once in awhile but no, that would take away from his hate speech.

@ElieNYC I don’t root for players to be hurt, but I wouldn’t mind if Tom Brady had to be medi-vacced out of the game. And treated by an immigrant Doc

@ElieNYC @marcorandazza sometimes your tired defense of white supremacy is frustrating


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