Marc Randazza Receives ASACP Award

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from – – Attorney Marc John Randazza may look a little like he stepped from the pages of a Mario Puzo novel about the mafia, and in fact, courtroom opponents have been known to compare him to a pit bull, among other things.

The tough-guy appearance hides a witty, intelligent traditional-family man who makes no secret of his fondness for the First Amendment and intellectual property rights. The adult entertainment industry knows Randazza as a friend.

To industry organization Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection, he’s also a bit of a hero. ASCAP presented Randazza with its Service Recognition Award on Jan. 11. The award annually recognizes “a person or persons whose consistent contributions have helped to make the organization’s [online child protection] work possible and more effective,” according to Executive Director Tim Henning.

“ASACP depends on the generous contributions of its sponsors, members and other supporters to carry out its mission, and this is our way of saying thanks,” Henning said.

Randazza, who founded and leads the Randazza Legal Group, said it’s a privilege to represent the adult entertainment industry and ASACP.

“ASACP is proof that this industry is committed to the First Amendment, and that it recognizes the privileges that come with [the First Amendment] are accompanied by responsibility,” Randazza said. “The entire industry should be proud of, and support, this excellent organization.”

Henning illuminated some of the reasons his organization chose Randazza as the recipient of this year’s crystal trophy.

“Marc John Randazza has provided invaluable legal assistance to ASACP, including assisting the association in fighting domain-name cyber-squatting,” he said. “His commitment to our mission of keeping children out of and away from adult entertainment is a valuable tool in the gallant fight for the safety of our youth and for the health of relevant industry groups.”

Past recipients of the award include Rodney Thompson and Scott Rabinowitz; Epoch Chief Executive Oficer Joel Hall,; performers Stormy Daniels, Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld; Fiona Patten and Robbie Swan of Australia’s adult industry trade group, the Eros Association; attorneys Greg Piccionelli and Lawrence Walters; technical consultant Brandon Shalton, and Henning himself.

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