“Mark Davis Was very Attentive and Concerned”

One thing I learned from all my years in porn. Unless you see it with your own eyes, don’t take the word of others for what happened. Here’s a completely different take on what happened at the Nicki Blue deflowering. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=57640

Posted on http://freze.it/1pH I too was at the event, and spent alot of time with Nikki during the first attempt, the intermission, and the final scene. A lot of people have already posted their first hand accounts, so i will just highlight the key points.

She was led into the room and tied tightly up. This was her request. Prior to the scene there was discussions as to which would be the best position. Mark Davis was very attentive and concerned about how to get the best position for her comfort and ease.

She requested more than once to be tied up as tightly as possible. I had a very good view of the entire event. As mentioned by others, while it may not have been heard on the film, the house-slaves were whispering comforting words the entire time, and were constantly attentive to her comfort with lube and wiping. The audience was extremely respectful, and the atmosphere was of near reverence, rather than just film-making.

When Mark didn’t get his cock in the first time, he wasn’t angry, I don’t know where that was coming from. His concern for her was obvious. He called the scene at the right moment. Nikki clearly clearly clearly wanted successful completion of her vaginal penetration.

It clearly did hurt as he was attempting to put it in, but it was obvious that she wanted him to keep trying. He responsibly called for a break. During the break, he spent a lot of time with Nikki, cuddling with her, and talking with her.

He visited the break room many many times. As well, the house-slaves spent time with her. The doctor, who has over 15 years of experience delivering babies, and doing gynecology was with her the entire time both during the shoots and the break. An exam pre and post was done.

THERE WAS NO PRESSURE FOR HER TO CONTINUE the shoot. That is why the break was long. Everyone was just taking their time. As a participant who wasn’t concerned about the live feed, the break didn’t feel long to me. It was only as long as it needed to be. She really wanted to try again, so after MULTIPLE MULTIPLE CHECK-INS with her (by Mark, the house-slaves, production) she wanted to continue.

During the final scene, there was an incredible supportive atmosphere in the room. Women were whispering comforting words, encouraging her to breathe, telling her “good job”. Mark asked her to make eye contact with him to keep her connected. When he got inside her, there was great applause and happiness all around.

Nikki was ecstatic afterwards, as were many of the guests. She ran around the upper floor dancing, hugging, glowing, giggling. Despite filming, marketing, careers, etc, etc,…. this was a REAL EVENT, not STAGED, NOT PERFECT, and one that Nikki manifested and desired. It is not for us to decide/judge a 21 year old woman’s desire to have her first vaginal penetration done publically.

Most girls wander carelessly into the event without any planning at a much younger age. She is a powerful beautful soul, and she came to the right place to enact a powerful rite of passage. Not many people pull that off, and she brought in the right people. Yay Nikki!!!

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