Mark Kernes At It Again; Argues Ineptly Against AIDS Healthcare Foundation CDC Study

AVN has once again unleashed the retarded beast Mark Kernes. They have let him out of the basement, stapler in hand, to wreak mental havoc on the reasonable and intelligent people of the world.

Kernes wrote another rambling Pravdaesque article. This one was about the study that was presented to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) STD Prevention Conference by AIDS Healthcare president Michael Weinstein. Free Speech Coalition, which is the organization that Mark is secretary of that he never seems to mention, sent Kernes in to provide a counterpoint to the study presented at the conference. It’s amazing that as much money as Free Speech Coalition brings in from unenlightened industry yahoos that they couldn’t have done their own study. But Kernes is there to argue their stance in AVN in his typical confusing style with achingly misinformed opinions and wild leaps of logic.

AHF was able to provide pie charts and data from doctors to bolster their position. I am perplexed as to why FSC couldn’t do the same, considering they are closely aligned with Cutting Edge Testing. The information from West Oaks Urgent Care and Dr. Rigg and Talent Testing and Sixto Pacheco that was used by Weinstein could’ve been used by FSC and Cutting Edge to present an opposing argument to the CDC. But we’re talking about Free Speech Coalition. We’re talking about Diane Duke. We’re talking about incompetence.

Unlike some bitter ex-performers and other outcasts like Mike South, my goal is not to bash the industry. I’ve been in the adult industry all of my life. I still make money in the industry. What I bash is the current leadership of the industry. I’ve said on more than one occasion that there was a time when our leadership was good. When people like Russ Hampshire, Lenny Friedlander and Eddie Wedlestadt ran the show things were done correctly. I am not out to destroy the industry that has kept me fed for 40 years. What I do is rally against the incompetence that will destroy the industry and hopefully people will listen and things will change. Although I’ve had my disagreements with him, when Paul Fishbein ran AVN, it was heads and shoulders above where it is today. My frustration comes from the way things are run from all facets of the business, from AVN to the leadership of Free Speech Coalition.

Remember, Diane Duke has not always been the head of FSC. You had people like Russ Hampshire, Lenny Friedlander, Pinky Stolbach. Good people who had their flaws, but when you look at what they did for this business, it was far above anything that we have now. As flawed as Sharon Mitchell and AIM were, there were head and shoulders above the people who are operating the testing system now. The integrity of the performers, everything was better back in the 90’s. The way things were back then is what I pine for. So when you hear me rail against the powers that be, it is not a condemnation of the industry itself, but the corrupt incompetent players who infect it now.

I love this business. If I could ever be on the same side with new leadership with a real focused plan, I would be there in a heartbeat. If there were ever people who stepped up and offered new ideas and solutions to fix what is wrong, I would be on board and I would talk about it every day. But that’s not what’s going on. What’s going on is the same tired mantras and the same broken policies that got us in this state in the first place. It’s the same old, same old. Diane Duke, Nina Hartley, Mark Kernes, Joanna Cachepero. People who aren’t capable of leading the charge and who, frankly, can’t be trusted.

We’re fighting an army equipped with rocket launchers and stealth bombers with muskets and pocket knives. The leadership in my day would’ve destroyed someone like Michael Weinstein. They would’ve answered the challenges with solutions that made sense and they would’ve gotten everybody on board to follow the rules. No way would someone like Russ Hampshire or Lenny Friedlander have tolerated criminals like Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler operating in their midsts. No way would they have allowed the incompetence of Diane Duke. They would’ve told Nina Hartley to suck a dick and shut up and Mark Kernes to stick to porn reviews.

Michael Weinstein used to work with the adult business. He used to be on our side. When the competent leaders of the business moved on, Weinstein saw a chink in the armor. With the old guard gone, he saw an opportunity to further his own agenda. That’s what happened. Nobody is there to combat what Michael Weinstein is saying. Instead you get Mark Kernes spouting off bullshit. Making the industry look even more incompetent than they already do.

I’m not out to trash the industry just for the sake of trashing it or to amuse myself or because I’m bitter like Mike South. I want real change. I’m talking to the few rational people left in the business. People like Axel Braun, Steve Orenstein and Steve Hirsch. Phil Harvey of Adam and Eve. Professionally run companies like AEBN and Hotmovies. People who have been around for 10-20-30+ years and know what the fuck I’m talking about.

Having Weinstein run his campaign unopposed at the CDC conference is disgusting and sad. Having Mark Kernes sputter out a feeble response on AVN is pathetic. There were two familiar names on the study that AHF conducted, Dr. Robert Rigg from West Oaks Urgent Care and Sixto Pacheco from Talent Testing. Nowhere do you see Cutting Edge Testing, which means they were not involved to prove or disprove this information. Some of the things that were alleged could have easily been challenged. But they weren’t. AIDS Healthcare Foundation was allowed to present their findings to the CDC with no opposition. Instead we offered Mark Kernes after the fact.

For Mark Kernes to try to discredit West Oaks Urgent Care and Dr. Rigg is pretty silly. Dr. Rigg has been the industry doctor for over two decades. He has treated members of the adult industry for far longer than Cutting Edge or even AIM has been in existence. To say that no producer would accept a test from Dr. Rigg is a lie. Producers have accepted tests from his clinic for years. Every single producer in this business knows who Dr. Rigg is and they all know he is a reliable and competent medical professional. Many of the producers themselves have gone to Dr. Rigg at some point for discreet treatment of various ailments from STDs to getting flu shots. Throwing Dr. Rigg under the bus is an ignorant move and trying to infer that there is something funky with Dr. Rigg is disgusting.

You think that you can spout off this bullshit and no one’s gonna call you on it? You don’t think Weinstein is capable of knowing what’s going on behind the scenes in the business because he hasn’t been on sets when the information is freely available on social media, blogs and on websites like, which shows girls wigging out on sets and being on drugs? When you try to spin your Baghdad Bob bullshit you make yourself and the industry look incredibly stupid. When you blatantly lie and even someone without an agenda can clearly see it, you do a disservice to the business and to AVN. All you have to do is go to Twitter, to Facebook, to various blogs and websites and you will see that things are going on because everybody exposes their shit.

Just because Michael Weinstein hasn’t been on an Axel Braun set doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what’s happening behind the scenes or is disqualified from speaking on it. Obama never served in the military, yet he is the Commander in Chief of all of the armed forces. Should we have told him he couldn’t go after Bin Laden because he never wore a military uniform?

For someone who purports to want to help this industry, your easily proven lies do more damage than our foes ever could. You and Free Speech Coalition destroy our credibility when you throw out this nonsense. The constant assertion that sex scenes involve hours of continuous shooting that causes chafing is even more ridiculous when you consider that the company that you work for is owned by Manwin and also owns Wicked, which is an all condom company and have been for many years and have never made the claim that condoms cause chafing. I have never heard Jessica Drake or Stormy Daniel complain about condom chafing. Only Free Speech Coalition puppet Nina Hartley, a woman who hardly works anymore because she’s almost 60 years old.

Axel Braun today shoots with condoms. Are you gonna tell the world that the most awarded director in the business puts his talent in danger by requiring them to wear condoms? Is that what you’re telling us, Mark Kernes? We have yet to hear anyone claiming to have chafed vaginas from working for Axel Braun.

Nina Hartley, when you say that condoms cause pussy chafing, don’t you think it would’ve been a good idea to march out Jessica Drake, Asa Akira, Stormy Daniels or any number of of women who work frequently or exclusively with condoms and have them say, “Yes, condoms cause chafing. Look at my wounded vagina. Please stop Measure B and AB1576. Please think of my poor pussy and let me fuck bareback so I can be safe.” Why haven’t you done that Nina? Maybe because your condoms chafing vaginas claim is bullshit?

Kernes also makes the assertion that the industry doesn’t do fisting and it only occurs in the gay industry. That the producers don’t do it because they fear they will be busted for it. Are you out of your fucking mind? Have you seen any scenes, scenes from Evil Angel and any number of studios that practice this particular act on a very frequent basis? What porn are you watching that you are telling the world and the adult community who reads AVN that fisting doesn’t take place? What the fuck movies are you watching? You really need to get back to reviewing porn, because you’re so fucking far out of the loop, it’s amazing. By the way, there’s this new thing called the internet, Mark Kernes. Maybe you’ve heard of it. The idea that producers have limits and rules when it comes to sexual content is gone. Fisting is as prevalent if not more prevalent in straight porn now as it is in gay.
This isn’t a secret, moron. This can be seen by any researcher at AIDS Healthcare Foundation. I’ve seen girls with prolapsed assholes in Jay Sin movies who look like they need to see a doctor. Instead of confronting these issues and saying yes, this happens, but in a controlled safe environment and here are our statistics that show this to be the case, we lie or pretend it doesn’t happen and close our eyes and ears like children.

One of the figures quoted in the study was that 16.4 percent of the performers were not paid at the end of the job. Mark Kernes said that they didn’t know that some producers pay through payroll systems and that performers sometimes had to wait several days after the shoot and that is where they arrived at that figure to “bash the industry.” That’s not what they were saying and you know it. They were talking about performers who do a scene and an unscrupulous producer doesn’t pay them at all. The shady producer who says that they didn’t get the money from the backers or whoever was supposed to have the money so the performers don’t get paid. That’s what it meant. Not that they were being paid through a payroll company. If the performers who participated in the study thought that they meant payroll, then they are too stupid to be in the business. Trust me, Kernes. Not being paid at the end of the job meant not getting paid at all.

I’ve said it time and time again. If the industry actually had a centralized testing system and talent base and new leadership that didn’t lie and coverup and embarrass us at every turn, if we could show the world that we can really take care of our own, the government would leave us alone. If we had done that years ago, we wouldn’t be at the point we are now. When we deceive and come up with ridiculous arguments and allow through our actions to help Michael Weinstein and his ilk make their case for them, that’s when the industry loses. If the 700 or so performers who allegedly signed the petition to not wear condoms stood up and demanded competent leadership that operated with transparency and honesty, we might have a chance to survive. But as long as we let the same people make the same mistakes over and over again, the industry is on borrowed time.

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