Mark Kernes’ Sister Is Fighting His Battles for Him

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It’s been quite a week. Shy Love called and made terroristic threats. Then James Bartholet called and said he wanted his Galaxy ad taken down because my site was becoming “too negative.” Too negative? In recent weeks my Alexa ranking has shot up something like 4,000 spots. I’ll take that kind of negativity any day.

Truth is, and I have to make a confession, I got soft in recent months. I was helping Scotty Schwartz with his book, transcribing notes, getting a manuscript ready and while I was maintaining my site daily I was more concerned with just keeping up with porn news and feeding my archives. Now that I’m back to a more normal schedule, and have that project accomplished I can cut loose with a little more time on my hands to think and write.

And it took Rob Black to make me see a couple of things, as well. Black chided me that I was losing my edge. He told me my best Internet stuff was back in the days when I was doing

I have to agree with him. Another great thing about Rob. He thinks outside the box, and the more you talk and hang around him, you begin seeing circumstances in different ways. His take on the current porn scene is absolutely brilliant in the ways he connects the dots.

This week Black went after AVN’s Mark Kernes, comparing Kernes and AVN to Muslamic propagandists. I reported that story. Mike South reported that story as well. But guess what? I’m the one getting an email from a woman claiming to be Kernes’ sister. I never knew Kernes had a sister, but I get the following, which I’ll share with you:

“Hey, Gene:

I appreciate and honor any disagreements you may have with my brother, Mark Kernes. However, your take-no-prisoners approach to his journalistic integrity belies the real reason you allowed this “article” to be published on a website you control: an attempt to increase your market share at the expense of honest criticism.

Shame on you.

Susan Kernes”

Imagine ABC News putting porn stars on the air to beef up ratings or TMZ reporting about celebrity DUIs to stir up traffic” I honestly didn’t know that by being a little bit edgy or “too negative” you could “increase your market share.”

But thanks to Rob Black and Susan Kernes I’m inspired to have all my tools sharpened. Frankly, they were getting dull from lack of use.

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