1. Like many people in porn, Spiegler pretends to be rich while living in a shitty apartment and driving a shitty car. I bet Spiegs will repeat that he doesn’t fuck the girls because he wants to keep business separate from his private life when the real reason is that he looks disgusting. Working in porn is the only way he could get attractive females to even talk to him. This doc will be like the episode of the Simpsons where Mr Burns had a movie made about his life that portrays him as a saintly hero. Only difference is the Spiegler film will have cheap porn-level production values.

  2. Failed life? Most respected agent …ever… most popular agent….ever
    Rich beyond belief….. and he didn’t wanna make the doc and had been turning down the offers for 10 yrs. Personally I give no fucks about him either way but to say he is a failure is pretty fucking obtuse

    • Despite Mark Spiegler as an absolute faggy fat jewish asshole, I can give a few positive things for him:

      – He is better than Monica Foster/Alexandra Melody Mayers with her family!
      – He is better than Monica Mattos, Suzy Spark & the infamous late Chuck Traynor!
      – He is better than Nacho Vidal!

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