Marsha May real name Bianca Byndloss is a real pedophile, Monica Foster should be taking notes

Marsha May real name Bianca Byndloss is a pedophile and Monica Foster should be taking notes because unlike all the people she has falsely accused of this heinous crime, this woman was arrested, charged with many felonies and booked and has a mug shot. She is also on probation for a long time. None of the people Foster has accused have ever been charged with anything but she keeps popping off at her fag hole, lying, libeling and slandering and getting herself in trouble and debt. When will she ever learn? She also proves that she is some sort of child molester being that she keeps obsessing about the subject. Anyone who cares about the well being of children would never have an open Twitter feed, web sites, blogs with nude pictures of themselves and prostitution ads plastered all over the net that anyone of any age can access.

The reason Monica Foster hasn’t said a word about this case is because she is not feuding with Marsha May and has no reason to talk about this. If Foster cared about the welfare of children she would be up in arms about this and obsessively tweeting about it and of course, sprinkling in her brand of racism and claiming Marsha May’s “White privilege” kept her out of jail or some crap like that. But nothing. Silence. She instead falsely accuses others of this without proof or calls innocent housewives and mothers “Prostitutes.” Think about how sick one has to be to call someone’s mother a prostitute. That is someone’s mother.

It’s a shame that J. Mayers was posted online in connection to Monica Foster because she is an innocent party and estranged from Monica. Don’t think Monica cares that her family was posted online as she has posted photos of them all over her perverted Twitter feed which proves that she is the one that outed them back in the early days of Porn Wiki Leaks. Shame on Monica Foster. Yes, her mother is 70 years old and a retired teacher and MONICA outed her probably because her mother didn’t approve of her perverted lifestyle of drugs, sex, swinging and sexually transmitted diseases. This is how Monica gets back at her.

Again, Monica Foster does not care about the welfare of children, has no children herself (She is unable to have any at this time), aborted one baby and is estranged from her nephew. She uses pedophilia as way to stick it to her foes hard. She has done this for years and years. In your letters to Judge Bare, you should mention this as this is a dangerous woman that is trying to ruin livelihoods and reputations and families just because she has none. How long until she starts accusing the judge of such heinous activities. Put this woman away for good. Shut her down now.

Again, unless someone has been charged and arrested, has the mug shot to prove it, has been convicted of anything or is serving jail time for such a crime then SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop libeling people.



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